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What do song lyrics, chickens, and high-tech have in common? They are all indicators of a recovering Israeli economy, one of the few economies to have survived the global recession relatively unscathed, some at the recent high-tech conference in Tel Aviv allowed themselves some optimism. Most people in Israel didn't invest in the, all the investment bubbles outside Israel, but they got into this bubble burst.Seven months ago, this chicken factory in the Galilee lay idle. Employees thought their jobs were gone. The managers were nowhere to be seen. Today the machines are back in action and the chickens are back on the supermarket shelves. In a report released Sunday, the Bank of Israel said the economy has recovered faster than expected. The local currency the shekel is strong. GDP next year is expected to grow by 2.5 per cent. And in August, the Bank of Israel became the first leading central bank to raise interest rates to head off inflation amid signs of an economic recovery. It isn't over yet. We still have a very high unemployment. We don't absolutely know what's gonna happen in the rest of the world. So we'd better not be declaring victory too soon. We made terrific progress. We've got to keep it up. This man is one of Israel's success stories. Rani Cohen has taken the concept of media player to another level, adding lyrics to the songs you listen to, and the chance to connect to others listening to the same song. We are making the social media player social.Cohen received funding in November 2007. And he knows he launched his company just in time. Many very good ideas just couldn't make it in the last six months. While before venture capitalists, when they saw a good idea and a good team, they would finance it. Now they are expecting them to reach to the point where there is a market adoption. Cohen also attributes Israel's better business survival rate to an entrepreneurial spirit.Glossaryhead off: to prevent sth from happening, esp sth badmarket adoption: 市场应用 11/89682Infants in the next generation saw their mothers washing potatoes, and virtually all the next generation, both male and female, grew up washing their food, but not the older males! Older males were resistant to the new idea, refusing to wash their food even when older females made the change. It was as if a new idea from a female, or perhaps a lower-ranking member of macaque society, were rejected by older males even though it was a good idea. They seemed to choose eating sand rather than admitting Imo was smarter than they were.下一代的幼猴看到他们的母亲洗土豆,几乎所有的下一代,无论雄性还是雌性,长大后都会洗食物。但老年雄候不会那样做!老年雄候不赞成洗食物的做法,甚至老年雌候改变时,他们同样会拒绝洗食物。似乎是这样:如果一个新的想法来自一个雌猴,或者一个较低级别的猕猴社会成员,即使那是一个好主意,老年雄猴也会拒绝。他们似乎宁愿选择吃沙子也不愿意承认Imo比他们聪明。165980

Kyrgyzstan's interim government is trying to cut a deal with the country's defiant president who had fled south after last week's bloodshed in the capital. The continuing standoff has the Central Asian nation concerned about further violence.吉尔吉斯斯坦临时政府正试图与负隅顽抗的该国总统巴基耶夫达成一项协议。巴基耶夫在上星期首都爆发流血事件后逃到南部地区。持续的僵局让人担心这个中亚国家未来还可能发生暴力。Kyrgyzstan's five-day-old provisional government is vowing to use the country's military to launch a special operation to neutralize President Kurmanbek Bakiyev if he does not resign. 吉尔吉斯斯坦成立了五天的临时政府誓言,如果巴基耶夫总统拒绝辞职的话,他们将动用军队展开一次特别行动来消除他的权力。Interim Kyrgyz leader Roza Otunbayeva says her government is willing to negotiate his departure from the country and wants to resolve the standoff without any more harm to innocent civilians. 吉尔吉斯斯坦临时领导人奥通巴耶娃说,她的政府愿意就巴基耶夫的离境问题进行谈判,并希望在不对无辜平民造成更多伤害的情况下解决这一僵局。Otunbayeva says she and her deputies are running the country, but acknowledges there may be some armed elements still supporting the president, who is in a southern village. 奥通巴耶娃说,她和她的副手正在治理这个国家,但是她承认,可能仍有一些武装分子持巴基耶夫总统。他目前在南部的一个村庄里。"We have full control of military forces throughout the country ... and internal security and police," Otunbayeva said. "But some of them yes, they have probably have sympathies [to Bakiyev]. I should tell the truth because those forces have been formed up by Bakiyev's family, his brother and other allies." 奥通巴耶娃说:“我们全面控制了全国各地的军队、内部安全部队和警察。但是他们中有一些人,是的,他们可能同情巴基耶夫。我应该讲出实情,因为那些部队是由巴基耶夫的家人、他的兄弟和其他盟友组织起来的。”Speaking to supporters in the village of Teyit, Mr. Bakiyev, said there is an attempt to divide the country between north and south. He referred to the provisional government as "gangsters." 巴基耶夫在提约特村对持者说,有人试图将吉尔吉斯斯坦分裂成南北两个国家。他将临时政府称为“歹徒”。201004/101334

At Madison Christian Community, they gather each Sunday to worship a higher power. These days, seeing the light means much more. "My prayer now is ‘God, let your light shine in my life’. So, I am always happy when the sun is shining." Pastor Jeff Wild appreciates the sun even more because of these -- solar panels the church installed in 2002. He was surprised to learn that the energy his church used to consume, released a staggering amount of fossil fuel emissions. "Sometimes within a week's time, a ton of CO2 was being released into the atmosphere." So Pastor Wild encouraged change. The 480-member community had aly surrounded itself with restored prairie grasses instead of a lawn that requires fertilizer. Inside, it now relies in part on solar power, more energy efficient light bulbs and more common sense. As a result, electricity use is down 40 percent. Kevin Little installs software that tracks energy consumption in buildings. "This is the peak 15-minute period for the whole week." He says it's important for people to see what they're saving because the general idea of conservation is often far removed from daily life. "It's a preservation of wildlife in the Amazon, or it's the climate in Kyoto Protocol(s). All the stuff is very intellectual and takes a lot to understand. I think that if we have a specific building, a specific place, then I can begin to help people understand. " That's what Dave Stephenson is counting on—a retired Methodist minister and teacher of environmental ethics. Dave founded the Wisconsin Interfaith, Climate amp; Energy Campaign. "A lot of the churches were built 50, 75, 100 years ago. They are big, leaky barns in terms of per hour, per person use. Houses of worship are probably the most energy-wasteful buildings in America." That message's sping in the Green Bay Diocese. St. Francis of Assisi Chapel is being held up as a model of how to build green from the ground up. The floors are made of recycled concrete. Fly ash from power plants is part of the mix. The oak pews and other wood work come from a local sustainable forest. St. Francis even has an environmentally-friendly holy water font. "We asked them to use recycled items. So this is all recycled dyed glass. We don't have infinite resources. We have finite resources. And by taking some care, even in a small project like this, it's gonna make a difference in the long term." That modern message fits a traditional mission. "Is this going to revolutionize how churches use energy? I don't know, but I think you can help people to begin to think about what can we do. The possibility is tremendous." 200812/58526

Record high prices of gold have failed to dent its consumption in India – the world's largest market for the precious metal.黄金价格一再飙升并没有削弱印度民众购买力。印度是贵金属黄金在全球最大的市场。R.K. Garg, 50, and his wife are shopping for gold earrings at the Gold Souk Mall in Gurgaon, close to New Delhi. Prices are up by 25 percent since he bought gold jewelry for his daughter's wedding last year, but he says he has no choice except to buy another piece.55岁的加格和他的妻子一起在新德里附近的古尔冈黄金市集选购黄金耳饰。自他去年为女儿的婚礼购买金首饰以来,黄金价格已经上涨了25%。但加格说,他除了再选购一件金饰以外,没有别的选择。"For the first anniversary we have to give some gift to her," Garg said. 他说:“这是(女儿)结婚一周年,我们不得不送点什么礼物给她。”A centuries-old tradition of gifting gold at marriages and other occasions and buying it during festivals is keeping the gold market buoyant in India, although prices are hovering around 40 an ounce – an all-time high.印度数百年以来的一个传统是在婚礼和其他重要场合赠送金饰,并且在节庆日购买黄金珠宝。这个传统使得印度黄金市场持续走俏,尽管黄金价格已经飙升至每盎司1340美元左右,创下历史新高。The economic recession and a drought had led to a sharp fall in demand, last year. But those memories have faded as the Indian economy grows briskly once again and good rains this monsoon season boost farm incomes.去年的经济衰退和干旱导致印度国内需求急剧下降。但随着印度经济再次迅速增长,那些记忆已经渐渐淡去了。印度今年雨季的几场好雨也促进了农业收入增长。Wedding season, new designsAs the main festival and wedding season gets underway, jewelers are getting y with new designs and attractive offers to lure customers.随着主要节假日和婚礼季节的迫近,珠宝商正准备以新的设计和具有吸引力的促销优惠招徕顾客。Rajinder Bhola's jewelry shop at the Gold Souk is buzzing with customers. He says he sees fewer casual customers walk in to buy pieces of jewelry, probably due to the high prices. 波拉开在黄金市集上的珠宝店挤满了顾客。他说,可能由于价格高昂的缘故,他很少看到进店闲逛的顾客会购买珠宝。201010/116265

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