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How To Relax Before Going To Bed 睡前如何放松Relaxation therapist Penny-Anne O'Donnell shows you how to get a good night's sleep by winding down before bed. Videojug explains the basics of how to relax before going to bed.松弛疗法专家竹篙安妮奥唐奈教你如何在睡前放松,以获得优质的睡眠。Videojug向你介绍一些基本的睡前放松方法。Step 1: Switch off Allow your mind time to switch off. Don't work right up to the moment you go to bed. Finish any work you're doing at least an hour before going to bed.1.“关闭”大脑 “关闭”你的大脑,不要工作到睡前。至少在睡前一小时要结束工作。Step 2:De-clutter your mindWrite a list of what you have achieved during the day, or tick off your achievements from a 'to do list'. These can be mundane, everyday tasks which are often the cause of most of our stress. Make a new 'to do' list of what you want to achieve tomorrow. A good way to de-clutter your mind is to write down your thoughts in a diary.2.理清大脑把1天所做的事情列出来,或者在每日要做的事情中,把已经完成的标记出来。这些事情可以是我们的日常工作,其实我们每天的压力大多也来自于这些事。第二天要做的事重新写个列表。理清大脑的最佳方式是把自己的想法写到日记里。 Step 3: Throw away your tension If you are worrying about something, write it down, stand back, and think about what you can realistically do. Write a possible solution down and then throw the piece of paper away and with it the associated tension.3. 放下思想包袱如果你心里担心什么事情,那就把它写下来。不去看它,只想想你能切实地做点什么。把一个可行的解决方案写下来,然后扔掉这张纸头,同时,也扔掉烦恼。201003/98619

Seven of the 14 Chinese activists illegally detained by Japanese police for landing on one of the Diaoyu islands have arrived in Hong Kong. The other seven have boarded the vessel Kai Fung No 2, and are expected to arrive in Hong Kong Saturday morning.继日前14名中国保钓人士成功登上钓鱼岛并被日方非法扣留后,其中7名已经安全抵达香港。其余7名也已登上启丰2号舰船并有望于周六上午抵达香港。At around 8pm local time Friday, seven detained Chinese activists arrived at Hong Kong International Airport after an hour’s flight from Naha airport in southwest Japan.当地时间周五下午约8点,7名被扣中国保钓人士在日本西南部那霸市乘坐飞机并于一小时后抵达香港国际机场。Meanwhile, the trip back for the other seven detained Chinese began on Kai Fung No. 2, after they fixed the damage caused by Japanese water cannons. They are due to arrive in Hong Kong Saturday morning.同时,其余7名被扣人员在整修好被日方水炮毁坏的启丰2号后乘坐该舰船返航。预计,将于周六上午抵达香港。On August 12th, the boat carrying activists from Hong Kong, Macao and Shenzhen, set off from Hong Kong, arriving at the Diaoyu Islands on Wednesday.8月12日,启丰2号载乘来自香港,以及深圳的保钓人士由香港出发并于周三抵达钓鱼岛。Several Japanese warships were waiting for them in the area and one used water cannons against the vessel.7艘日本战舰已等候在那里,其中一艘使用水炮对我船舰进行阻挠。Undeterred, the activists landed and planted Chinese national flags on the island.坚强不屈的保钓人士冲破阻挠成功登上钓鱼岛并在岛上插下中国国旗。Soon after, all 14 activists were arrested by Japanese police.不久,14名保钓人士全部被日方逮捕。China lodged solemn representations to the Japanese side, demanding the unconditional and immediate release of the Chinese nationals.中国已经严正向日方表明我方态度,要求日方立即无条件释放我国公民。201208/196910

印度的一种艺术作坊为当地人展示他们的艺术天分提供了平台。An art workshop, organized on the banks of Indias Dal Lake over the weekend provided a much needed platform for locals to showcase their artistic talents. The workshop included filmmaking, storytelling competitions, and dance and drama performances by local theater artists in the Indian-controlled northern Kashmir region.This workshop included various programs like art exhibitions, dance performances and drama shows by local theater artists. Tourists believe that the workshop has provided a good platform for local professional and non-professional artists. During this workshop hundreds of youth took part in creative art, painting, singing, and puppetry. The participants and visitors both enjoyed the workshop and said it was a new experience.The organizer of the workshop, Abir Gupta said that the motive of the workshop was to help people exchange their ideas and showcase their talents.Abir Gupta, workshop organizer, said, ;It is a way of bringing out your articulation. It is trying to help you open up and express yourself, which is the core idea and that is what the art and culture is all about. It is about expression. So I think the central focus is not only to create a platform but also to provide mediums, within which you can express,; said Gupta.The open-air folk theater among others activity enthralled many tourists. The Kashmir valley has a huge potential for tourism and such types of workshops are seen as helping increase tourism in the valley. Thanks to such exhibitions, the artists earned better patronage, not only at home but abroad, too.201206/185630

Cynthia Schneider列举两个和;美国偶像;同类型的节目,分别为阿富汗和阿联酋的节目,展示了电视选秀节目在不同的社会中展现出的惊人的效果。201203/176095

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