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济阳县妇女医院有无痛人流术吗济南市真爱女子几点开门High heels are sexy. That’s a universal truth.高跟鞋很性感。这是公认的事实。What isn’t sexy, however, is stumbling, wobbling and tripping over yourself while trying to look like hot stuff. You know what we’re talking about. We’ve all either seen that girl, or been that girl.然而有些事儿可不够性感,当你试图让自己像个性感尤物时,走起路来却失足摔倒、摇摇晃晃或者把自己给绊倒。你知道我们在谈论什么。我们或许见过,或许自己就是那个因为高跟鞋出糗的女孩儿。While heels are undoubtedly a must-have for every fashionista, you need to first master the skills to walk in them.尽管高跟鞋是每个潮女的必备神器,这点毋庸置疑,但你仍需先掌握穿高跟鞋走路的技巧。There are a few things to keep in mind when buying your shoes. Victor Chu, a former New York footwear designer, also known as the ‘stiletto whisperer’ holds workshops to teach women how to perfect their strut.在你选购鞋子时,有一些事情需要留意。维克托-楚,来自纽约,曾担任过鞋类设计师。他以“细高跟鞋私人顾问”的身份为人所熟知,他开办讲习会,教授女性如何穿着高跟鞋阔步前行并保持优美的姿态。1. Cinderella Complex: You should neither force your feet into the shoe nor have any loose, open space. “A good fit means that it’s snug on your foot” says Chu, who stresses the importance of picking the right size and style. “If you have wobbling at the ankles or the fit is bad, go for more coverage around the foot like thicker straps instead of thin straps.”1.灰姑娘情节:你既不该把脚强塞进高跟鞋里,也不应使高跟鞋有宽松、敞露的空间。“一双好鞋子意味着合脚”,楚说,他强调了选择正确高跟鞋尺寸和款式的重要性。“如果你(穿高跟鞋走路时)脚踝处摇晃不稳或者很不合脚,不妨选择脚面有更多覆盖的高跟鞋,譬如选择粗绑带的鞋而不是细绑带。”2. The Sole Search: For much better stability, make sure the sole of the shoe is completely flat to the ground. If it tips over or wobbles, move on to something else.2.选择合适的鞋底:为了更好的稳定性,请确保鞋底完全贴合路面。如果觉得鞋跟过长或者摇晃不稳,请选择别的鞋子。“Avoid those shoes that have a ‘boat bottom,’ meaning it’s not completely flat to the surface of the floor,” advises Chu. They may be really cute shoes, but you won’t get much use out of them if they’re not built correctly.”避免穿那些‘船底’鞋,就是那些鞋底无法与路面完全贴合的高跟鞋。“楚如此建议。也许它们的确是一些可爱的鞋子,但因为制造过程中有所纰漏,它们不会对你非常有用。3. Up and Ahead: Realistically you can’t know for sure if the shoes work until you try them out for a bit. As you’re breaking them in, try out a simple test: You should be aware of what’s ahead of you at least 1/3 of the way down the block as you walk down the street. Your instinct should be to look ahead, not down.3.抬头向前看:事实上你只有在试穿高跟鞋一段时间之后,你才能确认这双鞋子是否合适。在你和高跟鞋的磨合中,进行一个简单的练习:你走在街上的时候,你向前的视线应该要能横跨整条街区道路三分之一的长度。你应该自然地目视前方,而非向下看。“If you’re looking down, this means your shoes don’t fit well. There shouldn’t be anything hurting or pinching,” says Chu. If there is, it might be a good indicator that it’s time to return the shoes.”如果你一直向下看,这意味着鞋子并不合适。它们不该造成任何伤害或挤压。“楚说。如果确有此类情况,这大概是一个好的提示,让你知道是时候把高跟鞋退回去了。Now that you’ve got these tips on your side, you can confidently strut your stuff just like the pros.现在,你已经获得了适用于自身的高跟鞋小贴士,可以像个专业人士那样傲视同侪了。 /201309/258228济南市妇儿医院能做三镜一丝手术吗 The “old man” was angry. His lips were pursed, his head held high, his Olympian gaze stony. When Nelson Mandela finally started speaking, his words were even more clipped than usual. This was not an irrational fury. Rather, it was the admonitory wrath of a headmaster. It was infused with the empathy of one who appreciated all too well the rage of his audience, yet knew that if South Africa was somehow to emerge intact from the ravages of apartheid it had to be tamed.“老人”愤怒了。他撅着嘴唇,高昂着头,目光威严而坚定。当纳尔逊#8226;曼德拉(Nelson Mandela)终于开始说话时,他的言语比往常更加简短干脆。这不是失去理智的怒火,而是一个领袖警告式的愤怒。曼德拉的话充满体谅;他深知听众们的怒火,但他也明白:如果南非要安然无恙地从种族隔离的疮痍中走出,就必须要平抑这股怒火。It was August 1993. Three and a half blood-soaked years had passed since that diamond-bright afternoon when Mandela was released after 27 years in prison under apartheid. The first all-race elections set for the following April seemed impossibly distant against the backdrop of threats of secession from the white Afrikaner right and daily bloodshed in the townships. Before Mandela in a ramshackle stadium in one of Johannesburg’s desolate townships, thousands of “comrades” rattled makeshift weapons and bayed for revenge. Scores had died in the previous few days in street battles against a rival party. Yet the silver-haired septuagenarian gave no ground.这是1993年8月。距离曼德拉获释的那个钻石般耀眼的下午已经三年半了,曼德拉在种族隔离制度下度过了27年牢狱生涯后出狱,但此后的南非却沐浴了血雨腥风。在南非右翼白人威胁分离、市镇里每天爆发流血冲突的背景下,定于1994年4月举行的不分种族大选似乎遥不可及。曼德拉讲话的地点是约翰内斯堡一座荒凉小镇上的破旧体育场,他面对的是成千上万名挥舞着简易武器、高呼报仇口号的“同志们”。就在此前几天,许多人在与敌对党派的巷战中丧生。但这名70多岁的银发老人态度坚决。“If you have no discipline, you are not freedom fighters and we do not want you in our organisation,” he said in his distinctive reedy tones.“如果没有纪律,你们就不是自由战士,我们的组织不需要你们这样的人,”曼德拉用他那独特而尖锐的嗓音说道。“I am your leader. If you don’t want me, tell me to go and rest. As long as I am your leader I will tell you where you are wrong.” He stared, they muttered, shuffled their feet – and backed down.“我是你们的领袖。如果你们不需要我,那就让我离开休息。只要我是你们的领袖,我就会指出你们的错误。”他凝视着人群。人群嘟哝着,跺着脚,但还是听从了曼德拉的命令。For long years Mandela had been a shadowy symbol of hope, known only from his fiery record in the 1950s and 1960s, his inspirational speech from the dock when on trial for his life, and a grainy picture of him in the exercise yard on Robben Island prison in Cape Town’s Table Bay. As the day of his release in February 1990 had drawn near, some confidants worried he might disappoint. Many in the African National Congress were outraged he had been negotiating with the apartheid rulers and feared he had gone soft. Business people fretted he would be a Rip van Winkle figure clinging to the socialism he had espoused before being imprisoned. He had, after all, a record as something of a firebrand.多年来,曼德拉象征着希望,但只是个模糊的影子——人们只知道他在二十世纪五六十年代轰轰烈烈的斗争活动,在码头受审(被判处终身监禁)时那鼓舞人心的讲话,以及他在开普敦桌湾(Table Bay)罗本岛监狱操场的斑驳照片。随着他在1990年2月出狱的日期临近,一些心腹密友曾担心他可能会让人失望。许多非国大(ANC)成员不满他与施行种族隔离的统治者谈判,担心他的立场软化。商界害怕他成为瑞普#8226;凡#8226;温克尔(Rip van Winkle)那样的人,在出狱后坚持自己在入狱前持的社会主义。毕竟,他有着从事激进活动的记录。How wrong they all were. Far from embittering or ossifying him, captivity had steeled him for the challenges ahead, he made clear. While unbending when he wanted to be, as his sometime adversary FW de Klerk ruefully recalls, and deeply loyal to ANC traditions, he had the vision and courage time and again to break with his party’s orthodoxies – in particular over negotiating with his jailers, and jettisoning socialism. He was to be even more remarkable than the ANC had suggested. His history as a freedom fighter and political prisoner was merely the warm-up act to his greatest role of all: the apostle of reconciliation who would seduce the Afrikaners into relinquishing power and lead South Africa back into the world.他们大错特错。曼德拉明确表示,牢狱生涯既没让他心生怨恨,也没令他头脑僵化,而是锻炼了他,让他坚强地面对眼前的挑战。他曾经的敌人德克勒克(FW de Klerk)曾经感伤地回忆道,虽然曼德拉会在下定决心时毫不妥协,并且深深恪守非国大的传统,但他有远见、有勇气,不止一次打破非国大的正统做法——尤其是与囚禁自己的人谈判以及放弃社会主义这两件事。曼德拉比非国大描述的还要非凡。自由战士和政治犯的经历,不过是为他最伟大的角色做铺垫罢了:他成为民族和解的领路人,劝诱南非白人交出权力,引领南非重回世界怀抱。In the bleak years between his release and democracy he was an itinerant prophet of reconciliation, delivering homily after homily intended to bind his divided nation together. He could be a ponderous speaker. Yet the force of his leadership far outweighed his oratory. One day he would lecture enraged radicals. The next he would address white irredentists. Time and again, all but the most embittered would balk at confronting him as he worked his magic: one moment grand and aloof, every inch the descendant of his family’s chiefly clan, the next joking and teasing, the ultimate street politician yet always a model of old-fashioned courtesy. Now that the country has safely navigated 19 years of democracy it is too easy to forget there was nothing inevitable about South Africa’s fairy tale.在曼德拉获释和南非实现民主化之间的艰难岁月中,他扮演起民族和解先知的角色,奔波于各地,发表一场场演说,以期将这个分裂的国家团结起来。他的言辞或许沉闷,但他的领导力远比演说有力。第一天,他还在劝导愤怒的激进分子;第二天,他便在对意欲收复失地的白人晓以利害。曼德拉上演着自己的魔法:上一刻,他高贵淡然,浑身散发部落统治家族后代的气息;下一刻,他幽默风趣,将街头政治家的手段发挥到极致,但举止间总不乏老式的礼貌。正因此,人们总是不愿顶撞他(除了那些怨气最深的人)。南非已经安然度过了19年的民主时期,这让我们很容易忘记一点:南非的童话并不是听任历史发展就有的必然结果。His unwavering style of leadership has led many to regard him as a modern Gandhi. Yet while he at times revelled in the rapture, this description irked him. He was the first to say he was not a saint. He after all championed the ANC’s adoption of the “armed struggle” – even if this was initially a largely symbolic move. He neglected his family in pursuit of his drive to end apartheid, a source of deep sadness later in his life. He was to the end an immensely human figure who loved life and laughter and was subject to the same weaknesses and foibles as the rest of us.曼德拉坚韧的领导风格令许多人将他视为现代版的甘地(Gandhi)。然而,他虽偶尔陶醉于欣喜中,这种标签却令他烦恼。他第一个表示自己并非圣人。毕竟,他持过非国大的“武装斗争”策略,即便此举最初在很大程度上是名过于实。他为了终结种族隔离的事业,而忽视了家庭,为此在后来的生活中遗憾不已。归根结底,他是极富有人情味的人,热爱生活和欢笑,但也拥有与其他人一样的弱点和缺陷。Desmond Tutu, his friend and fellow Nobel Peace laureate, was one of the first to question the world’s sanctification of “Madiba” – his clan name, and how he liked to be known. Archbishop Tutu appreciated long before it became a commonplace that the cult of Mandela risked blinding people to the colossal problems facing South Africa. “He is only one pebble on the beach, one of thousands,” he said halfway through Mandela’s term in office. “Not an insignificant pebble, I’ll grant you that, but a pebble all the same.”曼德拉的朋友、同为诺贝尔和平奖得主的德斯蒙德#8226;图图(Desmond Tutu)是最先质疑世界上将“马迪巴”(Madiba)神圣化的人——马迪巴是曼德拉的族名,也是他喜欢的称呼。早在其他人普遍认识到问题之前,图图大主教便发现,对曼德拉的狂热崇拜可能让人们忽视南非面临的巨大问题。“他只是沙滩上的一颗卵石,成千上万颗卵石中的一颗,”图图在曼德拉担任总统期间曾说道,“我向你保,他不是一颗显眼的卵石,但他还是颗卵石。”The “Arch” was right. The otherworldly image of Mandela may have been what the world wanted to believe but, great humanitarian and moral authority as he was, he was foremost a brilliant politician. Reconciliation was not a spontaneous miracle, as some imagined, emanating from the magnificence of his soul. Rather, the seduction of the Afrikaners was plotted in his cell as a way to win power. He pondered many times that his long imprisonment gave him the time to reflect on how he should lead. It was there that he urged fellow prisoners to learn Afrikaans, on the theory you could better defeat your enemy if you spoke their language.大主教说得对。或许世界愿意相信曼德拉具有这般超凡的形象,但不论他在人道主义和道德方面是多么伟大的楷模,他首先是一位出色的政治家。与一些人的想象不同,民族和解不是源自崇高灵魂而自发产生的奇迹。相反,曼德拉在监狱里便在筹划通过劝诱南非白人来赢得权力。他思考过许多次;长期的监禁,让他有充分的时间考虑应当如何领导运动。在监狱里,他鼓励狱友们学习南非荷兰语。他的理论是,如果会说敌人的语言,便有更大的胜算战胜敌人。“I knew that people expected me to harbour anger towards whites,” Mandela later wrote when recalling the morning after his release. “But I had none. In prison my anger towards whites decreased but my hatred for the system grew.”“我知道,人们期待我怨恨白人,”曼德拉后来曾这样回忆自己出狱后的那个上午,“但我没有。在监狱里,我对白人的愤恨减少了,但我对制度的憎恶增加了。”Twenty-three years later, the “rainbow nation”, as Archbishop Tutu exuberantly labelled the post-apartheid society, is still a work in progress. While relations are transformed, South Africa remains riven by racial and socioeconomic inequality. It was always going to take more than an inspirational leader to overcome the legacy of centuries of discrimination. Yet by force of personality and example, Mandela encouraged the belief that reconciliation really was possible.23年后的今天,当日被图图大主教兴奋地称之为“后种族隔离”社会“虹之国”的南非仍然道路漫长。虽然种族关系得到改变,但南非仍被种族与社会经济不平等割裂。克几百年歧视的后遗症,不能只靠一位鼓舞人心的领导人。不过曼德拉的确依靠人格和榜样的力量,增强了人们对民族和解可能性的信念。Sometimes there was a touch of theatre to his drive, such as when he invited the widows and wives of former Afrikaner Nationalist leaders to tea at his residence. Some in the ANC suggested he had gone too far when he travelled to a remote whites-only settlement to visit Betsy Verwoerd, whose husband Hendrik had provided the ideological underpinning of apartheid and enacted some of its most repressive laws. A wrinkled 94-year-old, she spoke with a quavering voice as she offered him coffee and syrupy koeksisters. At an impromptu press conference on her stoep in searing heat, a black journalist pointedly insinuated that Mandela was frittering away his time in office. He replied testily that his drive had cost him little time and yet bound the nation together.有时候他的举动有一些表演的意味,比如当他邀请南非白人政党——南非国民党(National Party)前领导人的遗孀和妻子前往自己的住处喝茶的时候。非国大的一些人认为,当他长途跋涉来到白人居住区拜访贝齐#8226;维沃尔德(Betsy Verwoerd)的时候,他做得有些过火,因为她的丈夫亨德里克#8226;维沃尔德(Hendrik Verwoerd)为种族隔离制度奠定了理论基础,并实施了一些最严厉的种族隔离法律。94岁高龄的贝齐满脸皱纹,嗓音颤抖地说着话,并给曼德拉端上了咖啡和油炸糖浆面圈。曼德拉冒着炙热高温在贝齐屋前的门廊上举行了一场临时记者招待会。一位黑人记者在会上含沙射影地说道,曼德拉浪费了办公时间。曼德拉恼火地回应道,他的举动没有耗费多少时间,却让国家团结在一起。Mandela knew how important it was to keep Afrikaners loyal. He also knew South Africa could ill-afford what had happened at independence in neighbouring Mozambique: a mass exodus of whites with their skills and capital. So he masked his anger over the past. His campaign reached its zenith in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a project of astonishing ambition aimed at exorcising the troubled past. Then there was the 1995 Rugby World Cup when he won the hearts of so many Afrikaners with his adoption of “their” game, rugby, inspiring the Springboks to victory against the favourites, all but by his exuberant passion alone.曼德拉知道让南非白人保持忠诚是多么重要。他也知道南非无法承受邻国莫桑比克独立时的局面:大量白人带着他们的技术和资本离开莫桑比克。因此他藏起了自己对过去的不满。他的“真相与和解委员会”(Truth and Reconciliation Commission)将和解运动推向了高潮。“真相与和解委员会”的伟大抱负在于赶走不愉快的过去。接着到了1995年橄榄球世界杯(Rugby World Cup),曼德拉赢得了如此多南非白人的心——他持“他们的”橄榄球比赛,激励南非跳羚队(Springboks)击败了众多夺冠热门球队,所有这一切仅仅是靠他洋溢在外的热情做到的。So what was the secret to the “Madiba magic” and his seduction routine? Intrinsic to his genius was his Protean persona. One day he came across as an old-fashioned aristocrat, another as an impassioned revolutionary leader, and the third as a world statesman. While like any experienced politician he knew how to play an audience, unlike so many leaders in the age of television there was little artifice about his guises.那么“马迪巴魔力”和他劝诱南非白人的秘诀是什么?他最根本的天才在于表现出丰富多变的形象。某一天他像老派的贵族,另一天又是充满的革命领导人,再一天又成了世界政治家。尽管与所有经验丰富的政治家一样,曼德拉知道如何打动听众,但与电视时代的许多领导人不同的是,他的表现一点也不显刻意做作。Rather, they were rooted in his extraordinary life. In his lectures to angry “comrades”, his genes as the scion of chiefs were to the fore. It was as if he were upbraiding a rowdy village assembly, as his forefathers must have done in the past.相反,他的一举一动全都植根于他的传奇生活。当他对着愤怒的“同志们”演讲时,他作为酋长后裔的基因凸显了出来。他的样子就像是在训斥一群吵闹的村民,他的祖先必定也这么做过。Drawing on the precepts he learnt as a child, and also from his missionary teachers, he had an old-world charm. He could be a stickler for protocol. He chided MPs in the German Bundestag for not wearing ties and lectured his ministers and ANC members on punctuality. Yet this was the man who launched a sartorial revolution with his loose-flowing “Madiba shirts” and who was famous for his abhorrence of pomposity and love of the gentle tease. Who else could telephone the Queen and address her as “Elizabeth”?他从孩童时期就学到一些信条,从他的传教老师那里也学到一些,这些信条让他拥有老派的传统魅力。他有时可能会严格遵循礼仪。他曾指责德国联邦议员不打领带,并要求他的部长和非国大党员们守时。然而正是这样一个人,却穿着宽松飘逸的“马迪巴衬衫”发起了一场衣着革命,并以憎恶浮华和喜欢轻松调侃而闻名。还有谁能够给英国女王打电话,称呼她“伊丽莎白”?The ability to make people like you is merely the first lesson for aspirant politicians. But even so, Mandela had a particular genius for the glad-handing side of politics, primarily because his warmth seemed genuinely uncontrived. His smile and laugh exuded the joy of one who appreciated every day as a boon.对有抱负的政治家而言,有能力让人们喜欢你只是第一课。但曼德拉在发出政治家式的热情问候时仍表现出格外的天赋,这主要是因为他的热情看上去确实不是装出来的。他的微笑和爽朗的笑声散发出由衷的快乐——这是一个将每天视为上帝恩惠的人。His presidency was not an unalloyed golden age, as his friends concede. He had an autocratic streak. He neglected key policy areas, most critically the fight against HIV/Aids, an omission for which he berated himself in retirement. He had concluded on Robben Island that when in power he should adopt the consensual politics of his forebears’ royal household. This eased the smooth running of the ANC, an amalgam of races, classes, religions and politics, but he was too loyal to underperforming ministers.他的总统任期并非完美无瑕,正如他的朋友不情愿地承认的那样。他有独裁的倾向。他忽视了关键的政策领域,尤其是在抗击艾滋病方面——他在离任后对这一疏漏自责不已。曼德拉在罗本岛监狱时就断定,如果能够掌握权力,他应该采用他的王室祖先实行的共识政治。这有利于由不同种族、阶级、宗教和政治背景的人组成的非国大平稳运转,但对于不称职的部长们,他也过于忠诚了。There were other blemishes. As the years passed it emerged he had had to make his share of compromises. His close relationships with business people were from time to time called into question. He also displayed an almost naive tolerance for the fawning of celebrities. To the distress of some advisers, the first big celebration of his 90th birthday occurred on a London stage alongside the scandal-wracked Amy Winehouse.曼德拉还有其他瑕疵。随着时间的推移,他不得不做出自己的让步。他与商界人士的密切关系不时引发质疑。他还对名人们的讨好表现出近乎天真的容忍。让一些顾问感到痛苦的是,在曼德拉90岁生日于伦敦举行的首场大型庆典上,丑闻缠身的艾米#8226;怀恩豪斯(Amy Winehouse)也出现在舞台上。Yet as South Africa falters at confronting some of the messy issues of the post-apartheid era, his record rightly appears if anything more magical even than when he was president. His ANC generation has a mythical status: Mandela, Oliver Tambo, Walter Sisulu and so many more. Amid the intermittent stumbles of his successors, the benefits of South Africa’s having embarked on democracy under a man who led with such clarity and principle were all the clearer.当南非跌跌撞撞地遭遇后种族隔离时代的一些麻烦时,曼德拉担任总统时的历史甚至显得愈加神奇。他那一代的非国大党员都是神话般的人物:曼德拉、奥利弗#8226;坦(Oliver Tambo)、沃尔特#8226;西苏鲁(Walter Sisulu)等等许多人。当他的继任者不时地遭遇挫折时,南非早已在曼德拉明确而有原则的领导下实行民主的好处,便更加凸现出来。The failure of leadership is arguably the greatest curse to have afflicted sub-Saharan Africa since it won independence. The history of the continent in the second half of the 20th century is littered with the examples of “big men” independence leaders who came to power vowing to liberate their people from the tyranny of the colonial past and then never left office, invariably deploying the rhetoric of liberation to justify misdeeds. The lesson was clear: once undermined, the independence of democratic institutions is hard to recover.领导失败可以说是自撒哈拉以南非洲地区独立以来遭受的最大诅咒。这片大陆在20世纪后半叶的历史充斥着这样的例子:那些领导独立运动的“大人物”上台时,承诺将本国人民从殖民地专制统治下解放出来,之后却绝不下台,千篇一律地以解放为由为其种种恶行辩解。教训是清楚的:一旦民主机构的独立性遭到破坏,便很难恢复。So Mandela’s unflinching support for the independence of the courts, the media and state institutions set a vital precedent. He respected their rulings even when white judges from the old era ruled in favour of apartheid leaders. He himself appeared in court when subpoenaed in a dispute over the national rugby squad – and more agonisingly when petitioning for divorce from his second wife, Winnie. For such a private man it was patently painful to have to testify about the intimacies of their relationship. Yet there he stood, stiffly upright in the simple courtroom, testifying in a quavering voice, as the law required.因此曼德拉对法院、媒体和国家机构独立性的坚定持确立了一个重要的先例。即便旧时代的白人法官做出过有利于种族隔离领导人的判决,他也尊重这些判决。他自己也曾亲自出庭应诉,一次是因一场围绕国家橄榄球队的争议而接到法院传票,另一次更令他痛苦的是,第二任妻子温妮(Winnie)要求离婚。对这样一个退隐的人来说,出庭阐述两人的婚姻关系显然非常痛苦。然而他站到了那里,按照法律的要求,笔直地站在简朴的法庭上,以颤抖的声音讲述词。Strikingly, he did not indulge in the ruinous relativism that had led to so many abuses in Africa passing unrebuked in the continent. But most important of all, he believed in leading by example. He was the last of Africa’s liberation leaders to take charge and was acutely aware of the need to buck their trend by serving just one term. It was a parting gift of incalculable value to a fledgling democracy. He was indeed the father of the nation.更引人注目的是,他没有让自己沉溺于破坏力巨大的相对主义(导致了新种族主义,编者注)。相对主义在非洲大陆导致了大量任意妄为,它们甚至没有受到责难。但最重要的是,他信奉以身作则。他是非洲解放运动领导人中最后一位掌权的,并且敏锐地意识到有必要抵制长期掌权的趋势,因此只担任了一任总统。它是曼德拉赠送给南非新生民主体制的礼物,价值无法估量。他实际上是南非之父。Don’t put me on a pedestal, I am human, he liked to say. He once bemoaned his image as a demigod. Yet who could dispute that he presides over the pantheon of great leaders of the 20th century?他喜欢说,别盲目崇拜我,我只是个普通人。他曾经为自己半人半神的形象哀叹。然而谁又能否认,在20世纪最伟大的领导人中,他的确是首屈一指的?The writer, the FT’s news editor, was a correspondent in South Africa from 1993 to1998 and 2006 to 2008本文作者是英国《金融时报》新闻编辑,曾于1993-1998年和2006-2008年在南非担任记者。 /201312/268643山东省中医二附院女子妇科听说不错,有谁去过没?

济南山大附属医院男科专家When looking for diet plans to gain muscle there aresome great tips that can help you to ensure that you are eating to help you build the muscle that you want.Your diet is just as important as exercise and when you place the right amount of importance on your diet, itcan help you to reach your goal much faster.当你找寻增加肌肉的饮食计划时,有一些不错的贴士可以保帮你所吃即所得。你的饮食和锻炼一样重要,并且当你足够重视饮食时,好的饮食计划可以更加快速帮你实现目标。You will find that you will eat lean meat almost daily. If you eat meat each day this can help you to stay onpace. The trick with beef is to find lean cuts and this is something that can provide you with protein. Fishand turkey will also be included in this diet. Chicken has some rules and you should always eat skinless andavoid frying.你会发现你将几乎每天都吃瘦肉。如果你每天都吃肉的话,就能帮你保持自己的身材。吃牛肉的窍门在于肉切块,这能给你提供蛋白质。鱼肉和火鸡肉同样可以加进饮食计划里。吃鸡肉的时候需遵守一些规矩,你应吃无皮的鸡肉并避免油炸的鸡肉。Fiber is something that is not talked much about when looking for a muscle building diet, but this is anessential part of the muscle building diet. Fiber has many benefits and will aid in digestion and help you tofeel full. Oatmeal is a great source of fiber, but you should avoid the premade oatmeal. Fruits andvegetables contain a lot of fiber and this can also aid in weight loss if this is a problem you are working on.如果你寻求的是增强肌肉的饮食计划,那一般很少会涉及纤维。但纤维是增强肌肉的一个基础成分。纤维有很多益处并且会有助于消化,让你感到饱。燕麦片是一巨大的纤维之源,但你应避免吃久置的燕麦片。水果和蔬菜富含纤维,如果你正在减肥的话,吃蔬菜和水果也有帮助。If you want to complete your workout more effectively, you need to make sure that you are drinkingadequate amounts of water each day. Your body is made up of water and you need to replenish this watersource each day in order to be in the best shape If you are completing a very intense workout, you will needto make sure that you are drinking even more water to stay hydrated.如果你想更有效地完成锻炼计划。你需要保每天喝足够多的水。你的身体是水做的,如果你正在完成一个剧烈运动的话,你需要每天补充水源以保持最好的体型。你应保你每天喝更多的水以保持身体的水分。Whey protein is a great way for busy individuals to get the protein they need on the go. You can get wheyprotein in the form of a shake and this is something you can make ahead of time and take with you as yougo throughout your day.乳清蛋白质对那些需要补充蛋白质以便四处奔走的大忙人来说十分重要。你可以喝燕麦奶昔,这能提前补充乳清蛋白质能使你一天精力充沛。You will use soy and tofu for sources of protein. You will be able to get tofu and soy into the diet many ways.This can help you to get protein into your diet if you do not eat meat and this can be a wonderful alternative.你可以吃大豆和豆腐补充蛋白质。你可以用多种饮食方式食用大豆和豆腐。如果你不吃肉,这可以成为一个补充蛋白质的不错选择There are diet plans to gain muscle for every category. You can make minor adjustments to your diet thatcan have some great benefits对于每种食物都有很多增强肌肉的饮食计划。稍微调整饮食计划就能产生很大的效果。 /201407/310195济南天桥人流手术哪家医院最好的 How cold is too cold for a jog? For most people, below-freezing temperatures generally put a stop to outdoor exercise, but Siberian native Boris Fyodorov is not most people.当气温降到零度以下,相信多数人会拒绝户外活动,但土生土长的西伯利亚人鲍里斯?费奥多罗夫是个例外。他在新年夜零下38摄氏度的低温中跑完了单人马拉松。Minutes after the calendar ticked over to 2014 this past New Year’s Eve, Fyodorov set off on a solo, out-and-back marathon run from his home in the Siberian village of Oymyakon, completing the 26.2-mile course ― his first marathon ― in just over five hours. During the run he experienced temperatures as low as -36 F (-38 C).据美国媒体报道,2014新年钟声敲响后不久,费奥多罗夫就从位于西伯利亚地区奥伊米亚康村的家中出发,在零下38摄氏度的低温下跑完了大约42公里的往返马拉松。这是他第一次跑马拉松,5个多小时跑完全程。And that was just the way he wanted it. ;I [heard] about other marathons around the globe, naming themselves #39;the coldest#39;, like the most recent North Pole marathon with runners going at -28 C [-18 F],; Fyodorov told the Siberian Times. ;I thought surely this cannot be right. Our Oymyakon is the coldest inhabited place in northern hemisphere. Why don#39;t we arrange a marathon here?;费奥多罗夫说:“我听说世界上有别的自称‘最冷的’马拉松,比如说,“北极马拉松”选手最近就挑战了零下28摄氏度的低温。我觉得这肯定不对。我们奥伊米亚康是北半球有人居住的最冷的地方。为什么我们不能在这儿安排一场马拉松呢?”Oymyakon is widely considered to be one of the coldest places on the planet, and its record-low temperature of -90 F, recorded in 1933, is tied for the coldest recorded temperature for any inhabited place on Earth. The average January temperature in the area is -50 C (-58 F).奥伊米亚康被广泛认为是地球上最冷的地方之一,1933年创下的零下68摄氏度的低温记录,和地球上有人居住地方的低温记录持平。到了一月份,奥伊米亚康的平均气温为零下50摄氏度。Not only did Fyodorov finish the marathon in high spirits, but he also wants it to be colder the next time he tries it. ;I really want to organize [the] next Oymyakon marathon in January when the air goes down to -50 C or -60 C,; he said.费奥多罗夫不仅精神饱满地跑完了这趟马拉松,而且希望下次跑的时候更冷。“我想在1月份温度降到零下50或60摄氏度的时候组织一场奥伊米亚康马拉松,”他说。Fyodorov is not the first person to take on a cold-weather athletic challenge like this. In addition to the North Pole Marathon that he mentioned, the Antarctica Marathon is held every year in late February, taking runners on an out-and-back tour from Russia’s Bellingshausen Station. A second Antarctica event ― the Ice Marathon ― has been held at 80 degrees south since 2006.其实像费奥多罗夫这样喜欢在严寒中长跑的人大有人在。除了上文提到的北极马拉松以外,还有每年2月底的南极马拉松,起点是俄罗斯的别林斯高晋南极考察站。另外,南极还有一项“冰上马拉松”,提起来就叫人心“冻”。 /201401/272514济南省立第一人民医院男科怎么样

山东省妇产医院治疗妇科怎么样 As Frieze week kicks off in London, so does the third Shanzhai Biennial — which does not occur every two years, but instead irregularly, whenever the artistic trio made up of Cyril Duval, Avena Gallagher and Babak Radboy comes together to focus their laser wits on the increasingly porous interstices of art, fashion and branding. Shanzhai Biennial is not an exhibition in any conventional sense of the word, nor is Shanzhai an actual Chinese locale. It’s a term that means “mountain stronghold,” slang for the breed of counterfeit products stockpiled in lofty, hard-to-access villages: name-brand knockoffs that are famous worldwide for their absurd, sometimes even poetic perversions of Western language.随着弗里兹艺会(Frieze)在伦敦开幕,第三届山寨双年展(Shanzhai Biennial)也开幕了——其实它并非每两年举办一次,而是不定期举行,届时西里尔·杜瓦尔(Cyril Duval)、阿韦纳·加拉格尔(Avena Gallagher)和巴巴克·拉德伊(Babak Radboy)这三位艺术家聚到一起,把他们激光般的智慧集中到越来越具有渗透性的艺术、时尚和品牌推广的隙缝中。山寨双年展不是传统字面意义上的展览,山寨也不是一处真的中国山寨。“山寨”指的是存放于高高的、难以到达的村子里的名牌仿制品,它们以对西方语言的荒谬甚至不无诗意的曲解而闻名于世。Together, the words “Shanzhai Biennial” stand for an apocryphal institution that is often described as an art project posing as a luxury brand — or vice versa. At various times it has functioned as both, though it has consistently eschewed strict identification as either. In London, Shanzhai Biennial No. 3, titled “100 Hamilton Terrace,” consists of two retail installations — one onsite at Frieze Art Fair, another at Project Native Informant gallery in Mayfair — devised as a multipronged real-estate marketing campaign for a #163;32 million mansion for sale in St. John’s Wood. Both installations are grounded by carpets done in a deep, prosperous red, with floor plans of the property printed in large format directly upon them. The walls are hung with light boxes illuminating advertisements for the house, featuring inquisitive models peering through the outlines of more floor plans. Collateral art objects — limited-edition keys commemorating the house, and haute Frieze Art Fair tote bags that trade standard-issue cotton for quilted black leather and a braided chain — are on view in vitrines. But the most prominent element of the installation, in the Frieze booth anyway, is the mansion’s hefty price tag: a steady stream of zeroes that marches, larger-than-life, across the wall behind the lacquered sales desk.“山寨”和“双年展”这两个词组合在一起代表一个并不存在的机构,它经常被描述为伪装成奢侈品牌的艺术项目或伪装成艺术项目的奢侈品牌。有时它同时具有这两种职能,虽然它一直不想被严格定义为其中任何一种。伦敦的第三届山寨双年展名为“汉密尔顿露台100号”(100 Hamilton Terrace),包括两个零售装置作品——一个在弗里兹艺术览会现场,另一个在梅费尔的本土作品通报画廊(Project Native Informant)。它被设计成一个包括多种元素的房地产营销活动,推销的是圣约翰伍德的一个售价为3200万英镑的宅邸。这两个装置作品都以艳丽的深红色地毯为背景,地毯上印着大幅户型图。墙上挂着灯箱,照亮这所房子的广告,广告中好奇的模特透过更多户型图向外凝视。玻璃橱窗里是一些附属艺术品——纪念这所房子的限量版钥匙,弗里兹艺会的高档大手提袋,它的材质不是那种普通棉布,而是用中间夹有棉花的黑色皮革做的,还带一条镶饰链子。但是这个装置作品最显眼的元素——在弗里兹艺会的展位上——是这个宅邸高昂的价签:涂漆销售桌后面的墙上排列着一长串醒目的零。“We really want to stress that this is real advertising and fake art and not the opposite,” says Radboy. Indeed, the artists stand to earn a bona fide .5-percent commission on the property when it sells. “Advertising has its own formal attributes that are really uncanny when you consider them — but get overlooked because the perspective of critique always treats advertising as some dumb stepchild of culture, easily encapsulated in terms like ‘commodity aesthetics.’”“我们真的想强调这是真广告,伪艺术,而不是伪装成广告的艺术,”拉德伊说。的确,如果房子售出,这三位艺术家将获得0.5%的佣金。“如果仔细考虑,你会发现广告具有非常神秘的独特形式属性,但它被忽视了,因为批评家们总是把广告看作文化的愚蠢继子,随意地把它概括为‘商品美学’。”The project’s centerpiece, though, is artful indeed: a promotional produced for the address, which makes its premiere here. Scored by a Shanzhai interpretation of Sinéad O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” in Mandarin, which the Biennial originally created for an earlier shown at MoMA PS1, the advertisement pushes in on domestic scenes from within 100 Hamilton Terrace, juxtaposed with Chinese models stoically enjoying their plush environs. It’s a Kuleshov cocktail of exoticism — evident in both the quintessentially English details of the house and its uncannily posed inhabitants — and globalized, aspirant values.不过,这个项目的中心作品的确非常艺术化:它是为这座宅邸拍摄的宣传片,在这里首次展示。宣传片的配乐是山寨双年展对西妮德·奥康纳(Sinéad O’Connor)的《没什么能与你相比》(Nothing Compares 2 U)的中文演绎,最初是他们为一个早期视频创作的,曾在现代艺术物馆(MoMA)PS1馆展示。宣传片在展示汉密尔顿露台100号的室内景致时,融入了中国模特们在其中恬淡享受奢华环境的镜头。它具有库列绍夫(Kuleshov)的电影风格,融合多种异国情调,既有房子典型的英式细节,又有一些姿态怪异的住户,具有雄心勃勃的全球化价值观。“The fair itself is so evocative of real estate,” Radboy continues. In a tented swath of Regent’s Park, Frieze is cut up into hundreds of contiguous stalls that rent by the day for five-figure sums. Shanzhai Biennial’s booth is in a prime position: the only one along the hallway through which fairgoers enter. “In the end, I think the advertising campaign has more in common with a military campaign: It is first and foremost concerned with territory and not cash.”“这场艺会本身很容易让人想起房地产,”拉德伊继续说道。艺会位于摄政公园里的一片搭起帐篷的地区,包括成百上千个毗邻摊位,每日租金都是五位数。山寨双年展的展位处于黄金位置,是唯一一个沿过道的展位,参观艺会的人都得从这儿经过。“说到底,我觉得广告宣传活动与军事战役有很多共同点:它们在乎的是疆域,而非钱。”“As an agency, we routinely spend tens of thousands of pounds promoting fine homes, yet our advertisements and marketing initiatives often frustratingly create barely a ripple amongst top-end buyers,” explains Aston Chase’s Mark Pollack, the listing agent who convinced his clients to bring Shanzhai Biennial on board to create an abstract take on what is usually resigned to the rote, ineffective methods he describes. Pleased with the parade of millionaires who will be passing by the display all week, the two companies are aly talking about future collaborations.“作为中介机构,我们通常花费数万英镑宣传高端房产,但我们的广告和营销活动常常令人失望,在高端买家中几乎没引起任何反响,”阿斯顿·沙斯房地产中介公司(Aston Chase)的卖方代理人马克·波拉克(Mark Pollack)解释说。他认为普通的宣传方法陈腐无效,劝客户们让山寨双年展加入进来,从抽象视角进行阐释。双方对本周将经过这里的百万富翁感到满意,已在商谈未来的合作。And what’s next for Shanzhai Biennial? In Chinese culture, the number four is a near-homophone for “death,” so the group plans to skip forward to Shanzhai Biennial No. 5.山寨双年展的下一个项目是什么?在中国文化中,数字四的发音与“死”接近,所以这个艺术家团体计划把四跳过去,直接举办第五届山寨双年展。 /201410/337312历下区中医院治疗子宫肌瘤好吗济南市千佛山医院网址



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