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Although a full IQ test takes an hour or more and costs hundreds of pounds, performance on this one simple test is highly predictive of your overall intelligence.虽然一个完整的智商测试需要一个小时或者更长,并且花费上千元,但这个简单的测试却可以高度预言你的大概智商。Look at the four cards above. We know for a fact that each card has a letter on one side and a number on the other. Truthful Terry says: ‘Every card that has a D on one side has a 3 on the other.’ What is the fewest number of cards you need to turn over to find out whether Truthful Terry is actually telling the truth? And which ones? The answer is shown at the bottom of the page.请看上面的四张卡片。我们已知每张卡片都是一面有字母,另一面数字。Truthful Terry说:“每张一面含字母D的卡片,其另一面都是数字3。”你需要翻至少几张牌来确定Truthful Terry究竟有没有说实话?具体又要翻哪张牌呢?在文章结尾。If you got it right, congratulations! Either you’ve seen this before or you’re a candidate for Mensa.如果你回答正确,恭喜!或许你之前看过这个,或许你是世界顶级智商俱乐部门萨的成员。Seriously, I’ve given this test to hundreds of people up and down the country, and very few get it right (the exception was an audience of Google software engineers, not a single one of whom messed up). The analytical and deductive skills you’ve shown are one of the most important components of intelligence.事实上,我把这个测试给全国成百上千的人做了,几乎没有人能做对(谷歌的软件工程师们一个也没做对,只有一个他们的观众是个例外)。你所展示的分析和推断能力是智商最重要的组成部分之一。If you slipped up, don’t worry. The reason is a phenomenon known as confirmation bias. Most people, being charitable sorts, want to turn over the 3, find a D on the back and say: “Well done, Terry!” Actually it doesn’t matter whether the letter on the back of the 3 is D, Z or something else (look back to what he actually said).如果你答错了,不要担心。这是源于一个名为认知偏见的现象。大多数人作为善良的群体,希望翻开卡片3,发现背后的D,然后说:“做得好,Terry!”事实上,无论在卡片3的背后是字母D,Z或是其他,都无所谓。(回去看一下他究竟说了什么)Confirmation bias – the tendency to try to confirm pre-existing beliefs – is one reason many people believe complete nonsense (eg homeopathy).认知偏见——趋向于实预前存在的信念——是许多人相信完全胡说八道的事情的原因(比如顺势医疗法)。Ironically the only way to check the truth of Terry’s statement is to try to disconfirm it – ie to try to find evidence that he is wrong (a D on the other side of the 7). 相反的是,唯一确认Terry的说法是正确的方法就是明其不成立,也就是说找到他是错的据(在卡片7的背后发现字母D)。Answer:Two cards, D and 7:至少翻2张卡片,卡片D和卡片7译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201512/414422

California is not quite y to let self-driving cars hit the road on their own.加州还没完全准备好让自动驾驶汽车上路!The state#39;s Department of Motor Vehicles on Wednesday issued a draft of potential regulations for putting regular people behind the wheel of autonomous vehicles. The draft is a big step toward legal recognition of self-driving technology, but it comes with significant requirements.加州机动车星期三公布了一部草拟的法规,规定自动汽车驾驶盘后得坐着一个真正的人。这个草案是向法律承认自动驾驶技术迈进的一大步,可是门槛很高。The manufacturers of self-driving cars would have to subject their vehicles to a third-party safety test. And they would apply for three-year permits that would allow them to lease but not sell self-driving cars to the public.自动驾驶汽车的制造商必须将汽车交由第三方做安全测试。他们必须申请为期三年的许可,许可出租车辆而不能卖给公众。Manufacturers would also have to regularly report accidents, come up with security measures to prevent hackers from taking over cars, and tell passengers what kind of data, beyond whatever information is needed to safely run the car, the companies are collecting about them.此外,制造商也需要定期报告车祸,设计出安全措施以避免骇客掌控车辆,同时还需要告知乘客,除了安全驾车所需数据之外,汽车公司还收集了乘客的哪些资料。Self-driving cars are aly a common sight around California, particularly in Mountain View, where Google is based and often tests the vehicles. But outside of press events and other private showings, regular people have yet to operate them.自动驾驶汽车在加州已经是个很常见的景象,尤其是在山景市,因为那里是谷歌总部所在地,自动汽车经常在此测试。可是除了新闻发布和私人展示以外,一般人很少开这类车。Google#39;s self-driving-car project is focused on producing a fully autonomous car, and its prototype does not have pedals or a steering wheel, though Google does add a steering wheel and other controls when it tests the vehicles on public roads.谷歌的自动驾驶汽车设计重点在于计划生产一种全自动车,设计原型甚至没有脚踏板或驾驶盘。但是在公路上测试的时候,谷歌还是加上了驾驶盘和其他的控制机件。While the draft released Wednesday does not directly address vehicles like the Google prototype, the D.M.V. said it believed that ;manufacturers need to obtain more experience in testing driverless vehicles on public roads prior to making this technology available to the general public.;星期三公布的草案并不是针对谷歌的自动车原型,但是机动车表示,他们坚信;在提供这项产品给公众之前,制造商得先在公路上测试无人车以获取更多经验。; /201601/420270

If your future mother-in-law thinks you#39;re not suitable for her darling son or daughter, don#39;t shower her with gifts and compliments – stand up to her instead.如果你的未来岳母或婆婆认为,你不适合她的宝贝女儿或儿子,别给她献一堆礼物和恭维之辞,而要与她对抗。Scientists have found that the best way to win over future in-laws is to take an assertive approach and directly persuade them you will make your intended spouse happy.如今科学家发现,赢得未来岳母或婆婆信任的最佳方式是,表现出自信,直接说他们,你会让你的意中人过得幸福。It may seem counter-intuitive, but this tactic – dubbed the #39;I am right for your child#39; approach – helped win over doubting fathers and mothers, a study found.这看起来似乎与直觉相悖,但研究发现,这一被称为“我最适合你的孩子”的策略,帮助许多人赢得了持疑父母的信任。The worst strategy was to avoid dealing with the in-laws yourself and instead to ask your sweetheart to lobby on your behalf.最差的策略是,避免与岳父母或公婆交谈,而让你的伴侣代表你去游说。The researchers dubbed this tactic the #39;tell them I#39;m good#39; method.研究者称这种策略为“告诉他们我很优秀”策略。And despite the traditional view of the judgmental mother-in-law, the study found that it may actually be easier to win over mothers than fathers.与认为岳母和婆婆很挑剔的传统观念不同,研究发现,实际上赢得岳母/婆婆的信任比赢得岳父/公公的信任容易。In his research paper, Professor Menelaos Apostolou said that children frequently choose mates who do not appeal to their parents.在此研究报告中,迈内劳斯·阿珀斯特鲁教授称,孩子们时常选择不受家长喜欢的对象。For instance, they may fall for individuals who are physically attractive, while their parents are more concerned with social standing and family background.例如,他们会爱上一些外貌较好的人,但家长更关心社会地位和家庭背景。The study of 738 Greek-Cypriots identified approaches that were most likely to be used to win over in-laws, which Professor Apostolou grouped into seven tactics.对738位希腊裔塞浦路斯人进行的研究,确定了最常用于说岳父母/公婆的方法,阿珀斯特鲁教授将其归为七种策略。First was the #39;I am right for your child#39; tactic, in which suitors demonstrate to the prospective parents-in-law how good they are as mates for their children.首先是“我最适合你的孩子”策略。追求者向未来岳父母/公婆展示,自己是多么适合做他们孩子的伴侣。Following this came the #39;I do not deserve this!#39; strategy, in which they demonstrate to their mate#39;s parents that they do not warrant their rejection.接下来是“我不接受!”策略。追求者会向伴侣父母表现出,自己不接受他们的反对。Third most common was the #39;Why don#39;t you like me?#39; approach, in which suitors try to determine why the parents disapprove and try to change their minds.最常见的第三种是“你为什么不喜欢我?”策略。追求者试图判断家长为什么反对,并试图改变他们的想法。Other tactics include #39;No confrontation#39; and #39;You have to accept the situation!#39; in which they can threaten the parents by suggesting they risk never seeing their grandchildren.其他策略包括“不准反对”和“你得接受现实!”。追求者可威胁对方父母,暗示他们有可能见不到他们的孙儿。There was also the #39;Approach#39; strategy, in which lovers try to grow closer to the in-laws by inviting them for dinner and buying gifts.还有“接近”策略。追求者通过邀请岳父母/公婆共进晚餐和给他们送礼物,试图拉近与他们的距离。Finally there is the #39;Tell them I am good#39; tactic in which the partner is drafted in to persuade their own parents of their lover#39;s virtues.最后是“告诉他们我很优秀”策略。此种方法中,伴侣被拉进来游说自己的父母,告诉他们自己对象的优秀品质。The #39;I am right for your child#39; and #39;No confrontation#39; tactics were the favourites whereas #39;approach#39; and #39;Tell them I am good!#39; were least likely to be successful.“我最适合你的孩子”和“不准反对”策略是最推荐的,而“接近”和“告诉他们我很优秀!”成功率最低。 /201510/404355

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