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2019年05月22日 05:52:17 | 作者:美丽媒体 | 来源:新华社
Celebrations and traditions hold a special place in a nation. It is a time of national solidarity when the general families come together and forget the day to day grind and celebrates a holiday, for a particular purpose. It is a way for the people to express themselves. 庆典和传统在一个国家中占据着特殊的地位。这是一个举国团结的时刻,家家户户欢聚一堂,把日常琐事都抛诸脑后,为了一个特别目的来庆祝一个节日。这也是人们表达自我的一种方式。 Besides the national festivals and celebrations, many places enjoy some whacky celebrations. Here are just 3 whacky festivals: 许多地方在欢度全国性节日和庆典之外还举办一些古怪的庆祝活动。下面就介绍三个怪节日。 Japanese Naked Festival 日本裸体节Japan hosts the Naked Festival. All male contestants are dressed in oversize diapers and parade through the winter streets. Bystanders throw cold water over the contestants, who drink copious amounts of sake in an effort to stop from freezing. 日本会举办裸体节。所有的男性参与者都身穿肥大的兜裆布在冬日的街头列队游行。路边的旁观者则把冷水泼到他们身上。参赛者们则喝大量的清酒以免被冻僵。 La Tomatina Festival 西红柿节Every August thousands of Spaniards take part in the La Tomatina festival in Bunol. Truckloads of tomatoes are dumped in each year and dumped in the city centre. The people throw tomatoes at each other for the whole day, but the only rule is that the tomato must be flattened in the hand first, before being thrown. Even elderly grandmothers have been seen to participate in the festival. 每年八月都有成千上万的西班牙人参加在波诺举行的西红柿节。每年,一卡车一卡车的西红柿都会被运送并倾倒到市中心。整整一天,人们都互相扔掷西红柿。但是,唯一的规矩就是必须先把西红柿用手捏扁了再扔。就连老奶奶都会参加这个节日。 Sauna Bathing Championships 桑拿浴大赛If you prefer it hot, Finland is the place for you to compare in the Sauna Bathing Championships. Every 30 seconds the heat is turned up, but the contestants must keep their naked bums firmly on the wooden seat, while remaining seated in an upright positon. The last person left in the sauna is the winner. 如果你喜欢高温,就去芬兰参加桑拿浴大赛吧!温度每30秒就升高一次,选手们必须坚持光着屁股坐在木椅子上,同时保持笔直的坐姿。最后一名留在桑拿室的人将赢得冠军。 While some say festivals express something about the people who celebrate them, I wonder! It is important however, as a universal community we respect without censure, how and what others choose to celebrate. Each festival meets a particular need in the individuals of that nation and becomes an integral part of a way of life. Maybe you can come up with some whacky celebration of your own. 有人说节日体现了庆祝者身上的某些东西,我去对此表示怀疑。但是,重要的是,作为地球村的一员,我们应该尊重而非责难他人选择庆祝的方式和内容。每个节日都满足了该国家中个体成员的某种特殊需要,并且构成了生活方式中不可或缺的部分。也许你也可以发现一些属于自己国家的古怪节日呢! /200904/66034昨天仅仅是个回忆,明天只是个幻想,为今天活着吧!这是来自我们信用卡公司的宣传语。 /201108/146945Should you apply primer on top of freshly cleansed skin or on top of moisturiser?  应该先涂隔离霜还是在保湿霜上面再涂隔离霜?  Primer is a protective layer that seals in moisturiser and provides a smooth surface for foundation。  隔离霜主要是在上粉底之前起一个保护性作用。  If you have an oily complexion, you may feel that the primer without moisturiser is enough。  如果你是油性皮肤,也许直接涂隔离霜感觉比较好。  My routine is more about colour- correcting, treating and highlighting the skin. A product that gives you an immaculate canvas is a pore minimiser, which would be my equivalent to a primer。  我的做法更注重脸部的色调,也就是调整、修复、强调肤色。能让面部肌肤平滑无暇的护肤产品能起到收缩毛孔的作用,我会用它来代替隔离霜。  What’s the best way to apply foundation to get a smooth, even coverage?  如何上粉底才能让皮肤看上去最光洁?  Fingers for a cream foundation, a sponge for liquids and a brush for mineral powder。  粉底霜就用手指涂抹,如果是液体粉底,用海绵块,粉状的话最好用小刷子。  How can you get a lovely, healthy glow using bronzer without looking unnatural?  如何用古铜色腮红让自己看上去可爱又健康,但又不至于显得很不自然?  Never overload your brush, and match texture to texture. A cream or gel is perfect over liquid foundation, for example。  不要施之过重,而且注意要和其他化妆品协调。比如说,如果用的是液体粉底,就要用腮红膏或者腮红啫喱。  How can you break out of a colour rut with eye shadow?  如何用眼影来造成醒目的颜色对比?  Go for a eye make-up palette that combines a few of your safer, familiar tones with a range of new colours。  眼影调色板中应该有你最常用也最适合的色调一致,在此基础上选择新的色调。  Can you define your mouth and get long-lasting colour that doesn't look too fake?  如何画唇线,并且让唇线颜色持久不变,同时看上去又不觉得做作?  Apply lipstick by dabbing with your finger to create the shape. The colour will look far more natural。  用手指蘸着唇膏画出唇线,这样唇线看上去更自然。 /201004/101833Women will choose "China's Top 10 Best Men of the Times" in China.Wealth, knowledge and looks are no longer the only key factors that make a man in China. Because if a man wants to win the hearts of women he has to respect them and believe ingender equality.Perhaps for the first time in the country women will choose "China's Top 10 Best Men of the Times" between December and April.The exercise is aimed at promoting gender equality through men's participation."Any Chinese man above the age of 18 who respects and cares about women and is willing to shoulder family responsibilities equally can be part of the competition," China Women's News editor-in-chief Lu Xiaofei said yesterday. China Women's News is one of the nine women-centered papers organizing the event."Also, he should have made efforts to promote gender equality and should not have any record of domestic violence."The competition evaluating a man's achievement by the way he treats women is a creative way to achieve gender equity, a director of Woman's Studies Institute of China, Xiao Yang, said. Gender inequality can't end without men's participation.In China, men hold most of the resources. Therefore, it is very crucial to have men to be part of gender equality projects.For instance, in rural areas, 80 to 90 percent women suffer from genital infection. But despite efforts to treat them, the situation has not improved.Only by making more men aware of the importance of safe and hygienic sex can the treatment be made to work, Xiao said.The first selection will be held in eight cities, including Changsha, Dalian and Taiyuan.The final 30 candidates' profiles will be published on a website on Women's Day on March 8. The winners will be declared in April.财富、知识和长相再也不是评判一个优秀男人的“唯一”标准。因为,如果一个男人想要赢得女人的心,他首先必须得尊重女性、而且要具备“男女平等”的意识。“中国十佳时代男性”评选活动于去年12月拉开帷幕,并将持续至今年四月,这可能是我国首例由女性来评选十佳男性的活动。此项评选旨在通过男性的参与来促进我国的性别平等。此次活动由《中国妇女报》等九家女性刊物联合举办。《中国妇女报》总编卢小飞昨天说:“参加评选的男性必须在18岁以上,而且要尊重关爱女性、平等分担家庭责任。”“此外,参赛的男性必须要为促进男女平等做出过努力,而且不能有家庭暴力的记录。”中国妇女研究所的肖扬主任说,此项评选用“如何对待女性”为标准来评判一个男性的成就,这是促进男女平等的一条“独创之道”。只有通过男性的参与才能解决男女不平等的问题。在中国,男性占有大部分社会资源。因此,让男性参与到促进男女平等的事业中来十分重要。比如,我国农村地区有80%至90%的女性患有生殖系统感染疾病,尽管这些女性接受了医治,但整体情况仍没有好转。肖主任说,只有让男性认识到安全、卫生性生活的重要性,治疗才能起作用。此项活动的初选将在长沙、大连和太原等八个城市进行。推选出的30名候选人将于“三八妇女节”当天在网站上公布。最终的“十佳”名单将于今年四月公布。Vocabulary: gender equality : 性别平等;男女平等 /200809/47530

In a recent study, shoppers were asked to taste a chocolate-chip cookie. When given a cookie from a full jar, they said it tasted all right; but when they were offered one from a nearly empty jar, they said it tasted better. This shows an interesting aspect of human nature. The scarcer something is, the more highly people tend to value it.D.H.Lawrence's novel Lady Chatterley's lover brought the author the most fame not when it was first published, but when it was banned--and when many thousands of black-market copies of the book were sold before it was finally made legal.People rush to see a controversial film, and music that is banned from the radio immediately becomes popular. In 1977, the B banned "God Save the Queen", a song by the punk rock band The Sex Pistols. Within weeks, the song was nearly at the top of the British pop charts. "God Save the Queen" was brought on the market by the Aamp;M recordings are now some of the most valuable records in Britain, with resale values going as high as pound;13,000 a copy.According to social psychologists like Robert Cialdini, our instinctive interest in acquiring things that are rare reflects our evolutionary history. In the past, when food or raw materials were scarce, real value increased, because possession gave the owner an advantage for suivival.Salespeople love pressing the "scarce, therefore valuable" button, with warnings like "Buy now while stocks last!" and "Quick! Limited-Time Offer!" Clever advertisers know that it's much more effective to focus on the fear of loss than on the benefit of gain. A portrait photography studio pushes its customers to buy as many different photos as possible, because "Stock problems force us to burn unsold pictures of your child after 24 hours". Experts at the University of California found that homeowners are 300 percent more likely to buy an energy-saving plan if the message is "Stop losing 50 cents a day" instead of "Start saving 50 cents a day". Do you want to make a proposal to your management for a /200812/58542

《如果生命可以重来》,是作者意识到自己将死于癌症时写下的一首朴素真挚的小诗。它告诉我们,对于一个即将离开这个世界的人来说,这个世界上什么是最重要的。IF I HAD MY LIFE TO LIVE OVER - by Erma Bombeck(Written after she found out she was dying from cancer.)I would have gone to bed when I was sick instead of pretending the earth wouldgo into a holding pattern if I weren't there for the day.I would have burned the pink candle sculpted like a rose before it melted in storage.I would have talked less and listened more.I would have invited friends over to dinner even if the carpet was stained, or the sofa faded.I would have eaten the popcorn in the 'good' living room and worried much less about the dirt when someone wanted to light a fire in the fireplace.I would have taken the time to listen to my grandfather ramble about his youth.I would have shared more of the responsibility carried by my husband.I would never have insisted the car windows be rolled up on a summer daybecause my hair had just been teased and sprayed.I would have sat on the lawn with my grass stains.I would have cried and laughed less while watching televisionand more while watching life.I would never have bought anything just because it was practical,wouldn't show soil, or was guaranteed to last a lifetime.Instead of wishing away nine months of preg nancy ,I'd have cherished every moment and realized that the wondermentgrowing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle.When my kids kissed me impetuously, I would never have said, 'Later.Now go get washed up for dinner.' There would have been more 'I love you's' More 'I'm sorry's.'But mostly, given another shot at life, I would seize every minute.Look at it and really see it. . Live it and never give it back. STOP SWEATING THE SMALL STUFF!Don't worry about who doesn't like you, who has more, or who's doing whatInstead, let's cherish the relationships we have with those who do love us.Let's think about what God has blessed us with. And what we are doing each day to promote ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally, as well as spiritually.Life is too short to let it pass you by. We only have one shot at this and then it's gone.I hope you all have a blessed day. /200906/73162

A bride and groom will have bad luck if they see each other on their wedding day before the ceremony.The bride who married on a sunny day would be happy, wealthy and successful.If one marries on Wednesday one will be happy; if one marries on Friday or Saturday one will be unhappy.If two couples have their weddings at the same time and same place, one of the couples will be unhappy.It is bad luck to try on a wedding gown before the ceremony.To lose the wedding ring is considered to be a sign that something evil is going to happen.A bride should step over the church sill with her right foot if she wishes to be happy for all her life.The best day for a wedding is the day when the moon is full.The best month for wedding is June. June was named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. So it was considered lucky to get married in the month controlled by her. /200906/73366

Cultural practices, cultural differences, local manners, and mores: traveling the globe can be a behavioral minefield, even when you have the best intentions. Everything from greeting to eating can be an opportunity to do the wrong thing, and not only embarrass yourself, but offend your host countrymen. 文化习惯、文化差异、当地礼仪和风俗:即使你怀着良好的意愿,这些文化陷阱也可能让你的环球旅游险象环生。从问候到饮食,稍不留神就会出差错,不仅让自己难堪,还有可能冒犯东道主。Touching Someone 触摸他人Where It's Offensive: Korea, Thailand, China, Europe, the Middle East.禁忌地:韩国、泰国、欧洲、中东 /200907/77288

下午茶的来历:  In 1662, King Charles II of England married the Portuguese princess Catherine of Braganza who brought with her, as part of her dowry, a small chest of tea. As the new queen, Catherine began the serving of tea to her friends at court.  1662年,英格兰国王查理二世迎娶了葡萄牙布拉干萨王朝的凯瑟琳公主。公主随嫁妆带来了一小箱茶叶。当上了皇后的凯瑟琳开始在宫廷中以茶待客。  Although there is mention of "five o'clock tea" in France in the 17th century, the credit for the invention of "Afternoon Tea" is given to Anna Russell, duchess of Bedford who, during the long gap between an early breakfast and very late dinner, experienced what she called "a sinking feeling" at about 4 or 5 in the afternoon. She asked her maid to bring her a pot of tea, a little b and butter and cake in her room. She found this arrangement so agreeeable that she began asking her friends to join her.  尽管在17世纪的法国就有“五时茶”的说法,但“下午茶”的发明还是要归功于贝德福德公爵夫人安娜#8226;拉塞尔。从一大早的早餐到很晚才进的晚餐之间有很长一段时间,而公爵夫人常常在下午四五点钟左右会有“一种虚脱感”。她命女仆送一壶茶、一点儿黄油面包和蛋糕到她房间里去。她发现这一餐吃得很惬意,于是开始邀请她的朋友们一起来享用。 /201108/149245

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