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历城区妇幼保健院网上预约挂号聊城儿童医院联系电话中国人民解放军456医院不孕不育 US Presidential Candidates Prepare to Announce Running Mates奥巴马麦凯恩不久将宣布竞选搭档 The U.S. presidential campaign is about to intensify in a major way. Presidential contenders Barack Obama and John McCain are expected to announce their vice presidential running mates soon, in advance of the national party nominating conventions, which will be held in late August and early September. 美国总统竞选即将以大张旗鼓的方式进行。总统竞选人巴拉克.奥巴马和麦凯恩预计将在民主党全国代表大会以及共和党全国代表大会举行前宣布他们的副总统人选。两党的全国代表大会分别于8月底和9月初举行。Public opinion polls give Democrat Barack Obama a narrow lead over Republican John McCain, so the upcoming conventions are important for both presumptive nominees. 民意调查显示,民主党总统候选人巴拉克.奥巴马以微弱优势领先于共和党的麦凯恩,因此即将召开的两党全国代表大会对两位可望获得提名的候选人来说都是至关重要的。President of the Pew Research Center Andrew Kohut says many voters do not pay much attention to the presidential race until the party conventions. 安德鲁.科胡特是皮尤研究中心的总裁。科胡特说,许多美国选民直到两党开全国代表大会的时候才开始关注总统竞选的选战。"This is a very important time because people get to see these candidates up close, and they recognize that it is only a relatively short run until they have to make a decision," he said. "And for McCain it could be a period of time where he really gets an advantage in terms of coverage and exposure, which he has not had over the course of this campaign yet." 科胡特说:“这是一个非常重要的时刻,因为人们能够近距离地看到这些候选人。他们也认识到,他们在很短的时间内要作出决定。对麦凯恩来说,这一段时间是他真正能够得到报导和曝光优势的时间,这些是他在竞选过程中一直没有得到的。”The Democrats hold their convention in Denver, Colorado, the last week of August. The Republicans hold theirs the following week in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. 民主党将于8月最后一个星期在科罗拉多州的丹佛市举行全国代表大会。共和党在那之后的一个星期在明尼苏达州的明尼阿波利斯/圣保罗举行共和党全国代表大会。Both candidates will be looking for a post convention bounce, or boost, in public opinion polls that will carry them into the general-election campaign between September and the election on November 4. 两位候选人在代表大会后都希望看到民调反弹或是提升,并希望在9月份到11月4号总统大选投票期间能够保持这一势头。Norman Ornstein, a political scholar at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, expects the presidential race to remain close and says both presumptive nominees have challenges at their respective conventions. 诺曼.奥恩斯坦是总部设在华盛顿的美国企业研究所的政治学者。奥恩斯坦预计这次总统大选的竞争将会保持势均力敌的势头。他说,两位可能被提名的候选人都在各自政党的全国代表大会上面临挑战。"And it is likely to stay that way because this is an election that in effect is about whether Obama can get over the threshold of acceptability at a time when people want change," he said. "And McCain is not the incumbent, but he is much more closely identified as the status quo." 他说:“很可能会维持这种状态,因为这场选举实际上是关于奥巴马是否能跨过一个关口,也就是在人们要求变革的时刻人们会不会接受他。麦凯恩不是现任官员,但是人们把他和当前的现状更密切地联系在一起。”Both contenders are expected to announce vice presidential running mates before the conventions begin. Neither candidate has given any strong indications as to who his running mate will be. 两名候选人都可望在党代表大会开幕之前宣布副总统竞选夥伴。两位候选人目前都没有任何迹象显示他们的竞选搭档是谁。The four-day political conventions will give both Obama and McCain a chance to re-introduce themselves to the voting public, and to cast their opponent in negative terms. 为期四天的全国代表大会将给予奥巴马和麦凯恩一个机会,让选民了解自己,并且为对手涂抹负面色。"There is a truism in American politics, which is that the candidate who is able to define himself and define his opponent first wins the election," said Peter Brown, who does polling on the presidential race for Quinnipiac University in Connecticut. "This is an election that is about Senator Obama, and the question is who will be able to define Senator Obama for these voters we are talking about first and better, Senator Obama or Senator McCain." 彼得.布朗为康涅狄格州的昆尼皮亚克大学进行总统竞选方面的民调。布朗说:“在美国政治中有一点是不言而喻的,那就是能够首先界定自己并且界定对手的候选人能够在选举中获胜。这次选举是关于参议员奥巴马,问题是谁能首先并且更好地为我们谈到的这些选民界定参议员奥巴马或参议员麦凯恩。” Senator McCain faces the challenge of putting some political distance between himself and President Bush, who continues to get low public-approval ratings in voter surveys. 麦凯恩参议员面临的挑战是要把自己和美国总统布什之间保持一定的政治距离。布什总统的民调持率仍然持续低迷。But Senator Obama has issues as well. Pollster Andrew Kohut told VOA's Press Conference USA program that Obama is still having difficulty in winning over some supporters of former Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. 但参议员奥巴马本身也有问题。民调专家安德鲁.科胡特在美国之音的一个新闻节目上说,奥巴马在赢得前民主党对手希拉里.克林顿的持者方面仍然有困难。"Hillary Clinton supporters are still not fully onboard with Barack Obama," he said. "Just 72 percent of Clinton supporters say they are going to vote for Obama. Eighty-five or 86 percent of the supporters of McCain's former opponents are with him. So, Obama has not quite closed the deal." 科胡特说:“希拉里的持者还没有完全赞同巴拉克.奥巴马。72%的克林顿的持者说,他们会投票给奥巴马。 而麦凯恩的前党内竞选对手的持者中,有85%或86%的人表示愿意投票给麦凯恩。因此,奥巴马的大局仍然未定。”Senator Clinton is getting a prominent speaking role at the Democratic convention, as is her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and Michelle Obama. Senator Obama will formally accept his party's nomination at an outdoor football stadium on the fourth night of the convention. 参议员克林顿将在民主党全国代表大会成为最突出的发言者之一。除了克林顿参议员之外,她的丈夫、美国前总统比尔.克林顿,和奥巴马的夫人米歇尔.奥巴马的发言也同样令人关注。参议员奥巴马将在民主党全国代表大会的第四天晚上在一个室外足球场正式接受民主党的总统候选人提名。President Bush will speak at the Republican convention in Minnesota, but will do so early in the week so that the focus can shift to the presumptive nominee, Senator McCain and his yet to be chosen running mate. 布什总统将在明尼苏达州举行的共和党全国代表大会上发言。但是他将会在那个星期的早些时候发言,以便让重点转移到可能获得党内提名的麦凯恩和他尚待公布的竞选搭档身上。200808/45827济南历下区人流多少钱

章丘区中医院不孕专家US Secretary of State Visits India to Discuss Nuclear Accord赖斯访问印度磋商核协议 U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is arriving in India to discuss the U.S.-India civilian nuclear agreement, which has received approval in the U.S Congress. India's communist parties, who oppose the deal, plan to hold protest demonstrations during the visit.美国国务卿赖斯前往印度,就美国与印度的民用核能合作协议与印方会谈。该协议已经获得美国国会批准。Secretary Rice will hold talks Saturday with Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee on the civilian nuclear pact, which the U.S. Congress approved this week. 美国国务卿赖斯定于星期六同印度总理辛格和外长慕克吉就印美民用核协议举行会谈,美国国会本周批准了这项协议。The agreement ends a ban on sale of civilian nuclear technology and equipment to New Delhi, which was imposed in 1974 when India first conducted nuclear tests. India has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.该协议解除了不准向印度出售民用核技术和设备的禁令,这一禁令是1974年印度首次进行核试验之后开始实施的。印度一直没有签署《核不扩散条约》。Former Indian foreign secretary and former Indian ambassador to the ed States Lalit Mansingh says the pact represents a "big step forward" for India.印度前外交秘书和印度前驻美国大使曼辛格表示,该协议对印度来说是前进了“一大步”。"Its real significance lies in the fact that the entire key to unlocking the three-and-a-half decades of technological isolation, these keys were in the hands of the ed States," he said. "So, finally, the U.S. has come around to giving us the opening. Historically, it is very significant. Americans who took the leadership in imposing sanctions on India have finally helped India get out of it."曼辛格说:“它的真正意义在于,提供了打开35年技术封锁的全部钥匙,这些钥匙掌握在美国手中。所以,最终是美国转变了态度,给我们开禁。从历史上看,这非常重要。在制裁印度方面居主导地位的美国最终帮助印度解除禁令。”Mansingh says the pact will also enhance India's stature by allowing it to trade in civilian nuclear commerce, while retaining its nuclear weapons. "On the one hand, it enhances India's stature," he said. "On the other hand, it recognizes India's enhanced stature. India is getting into the higher league. India is going to be globally more active."U.S. Secretary Rice hailed the agreement Thursday, before departing for India. "It is an agreement that cements an effort that we've been making for some time to bring together the world's largest democracy with the world's oldest continuous democracy," she said. "And we believe that the relationship between the ed States and India is on a very firm footing, and that can only be good for democracy and it can only be good for the world."美国国务卿赖斯星期四在离开华盛顿前往印度之前赞扬了这一协议。赖斯说:“这项协议标志着我们的努力终获成效。我们在一段时间里一直在促进世界最大的民主国家与世界上持续时间最久的民主国家之间的合作。我们认为美国和印度之间的关系有非常坚实的基础。这对民主和整个世界来说都只能是有利的。”Both India and Washington have been building closer ties in recent years.印度和华盛顿最近几年来都在发展更密切的关系。However, Indian Communist parties continue to staunchly oppose the deal. They say the government has surrendered the country's sovereignty to U.S. imperialism, and plan to hold demonstrations on Saturday to protest the agreement. The largest opposition party, the Bharatiya Janata Party, also says the agreement is not in India's interests.The pact will effectively open a huge market worth billions of dollars to companies from Western countries to build civilian nuclear reactors in India.这项协议将有效地为西方公司打开一个价值数十亿美元的巨大的市场,在印度修建民用核反应堆。Earlier this week, India signed an atomic energy pact with France during a visit by the Indian prime minister to Paris. Companies from France, Russia and the ed States are expected to be on top of the list for engaging in nuclear commerce with India.本星期早些时候,在印度总理访问巴黎期间,印度与法国签署了一项核能协议。法国、俄罗斯和美国公司预计将是与印度从事核贸易的主要公司。200810/51631济南省中医院体检 Dear Mr Lime, I hope you are well.亲爱的Lime先生,希望你一切都好。I am writing regarding your request for luxury boxes for the Imperial Lemon Delivery.我给你写信是关于你对皇家柠檬配送礼包的请求。We will indeed be able to supply them.我们可以为你提供。Please could you confirm that you want 300. Best wishes, Anna.请确认你是否要300个。祝好,安娜。Well? It’s good, its much better. Send it.怎么样? 很好,好多了,发吧。Hopefully Mr Lime will think your last message was just someone sitting on your keyboard by mistake. Thanks.但愿Lime先生会以为有人误坐在了你的键盘上发送了上一封邮件。 谢了。Youre not... What?你不会…… 什么?Nothing. Its none of my business. What?没事,不关我事。 怎么了?Youre not ever going to go to lunch with Mr Lime are you? I mean, in a non business way...你绝不会和Lime先生吃午饭吧?我是说在公事之外……No of course not!I mean I don’t care… its just...important to...stay professional.Yes.不,当然不会!我是说我不关心,但保持专业性很重要。 当然。Hmmm.... well, I had a feeling Annas email was going to cause problems.我早预感到安娜的邮件会有问题。But at least she wont make a mistake like that again.但至少她不会再犯这种错误了。Here’s a reminder of the phrases she used in her new, improved email.这些是她在改写邮件时用到的表达。Dear Mr Lime...I hope you are well.亲爱的Lime先生,希望你一切都好。I am writing regarding...我写信是为了……Please could you confirm...Best wishes.请确认……祝好。Until next time, bye!下次见,拜! /201701/483850济南人流哪个医院好

济南做无痛人流手术多少钱Glob glob glob, around the Watercooler this morning, the question is simple, but the answer may be complex. What do you think is the happiest country on the planet? Ladies, some guesses? Somewhere in the South Pacific, perhaps. Fiji was a guess over here (one of our...), any place with steel drums. Yes, over there. So we're going with a happy cultural environment?It would have to be an island, I would think, Yes, (yeah) I would think, if not the South Pacific, maybe the Caribbean? I don't know. And you? I know the answer, go.Oh, I would, I would still say America. I'm an Ameri-can, (Oh, you are...) not an Ameri-can't. But let's take a look. David M with the researchers who came up with the answer. Let's see what it is. Yes. The happiest country on earth? Denmark. Researchers at the University of Leicester in England looked at 178 countries. What mattered most? Health, wealth, and education. "Precisely", says the Danish Embassy. We are happy because we have a balance between our work and our private life. How many weeks of vacation? Do you really wanna know? Let me know.5 to 6 weeks.But vacation, she says, is only part of it, there're shorter work weeks, 37 hours on average and higher education and health care for all and when it comes to the people, well, they say they are humble. You say they don't like to brag --, (no) and yet, you'll be happy to tell us that you're happy.We'll be happy to tell we're happy, but then nothing more and we'll do it together.But no bragging?No bragging. But they have reason to and who's behind them? Switzerland, Austria, Iceland and the Bahamas. Where's the US? 23rd, not so bad out of 178. But Denmark is not as big as the ed States, by any means.Definitely not, it's a little smaller than Lake Michigan so er...Denmark?Yes.All of Denmark?All of Denmark. There's a new poll out about the happiest country on earth. Give a guess. Anguilla, Italy. Anguilla? Italy?Finland, though I, one of those Nordic (close close close ) Nordic countries. Sweden.Getting closer. Starts with a D, sounds like (Denmark) landmark...Yeah.Denmark, there you go. What do you think is the happiest country? It's my country. It's your country? It's Denmark. You are from Denmark? Yeah. What are the chances! She's from Denmark.You've heard that song, Don't Worry, Be Happy? Yeah. Is that your national anthem? No, not yet. But it could be. Could be. Don't worry, be happy. How about my ma'am you're saying man mark? (I love it, love it) (Inaudible...)But there is something to be said about the balance, you know, people who talk more about life and happiness (true) than work and in this country, we talk so much about work. It's true. I think that, and lunch of herring. Herring is not as pickled as this. . . ) Herring and gulag (smog as board)But seriously, the question: You said the islands, all these places, would you want to live there? Would you want to live in Fiji instead of here? Not forever.But Denmark is a beautiful place. I have been there. (It is) (yeah). I have to say it is very very inspiring. It is. . . We love America, but we love America.It's joky we're happier? ExactlyContest desire. .200810/51758 Well, never mind, it looks tasty.没关系,看起来很好吃。Theres enough for everyone if you want some.这够所有人吃的,如果你想来点儿。I think thats a splendid idea, we can have an office picnic! Yes!我认为这是个好主意,我们可以搞一个办公室野餐!是的!Mmm, that sauce looks delicious. Yes, its my favourite.这个酱看起来很好吃。是的,我的最爱。Well, once again everything has worked out well for Anna!安娜的每件事都再次顺利完成了!Before we go, a reminder of the phrases she used.在我们离开之前,再提示一下她用过的措辞。Hello, I dont think weve met.你好,我们好像还没见过面。You must be Tom.你肯定是汤姆。Ive just joined the team.我刚加入这个团队。Nice to meet you.见到你很高兴。Have you worked here long?你在这里工作很久了吗?Just remember - if somebody says ;Would you like to do lunch?; theyre not usually expecting you to cook for them!记住,如果有人说“Would you like to do lunch”,他们的意思通常不是希望你为他们做饭!Goodbye.再见。 /201612/479876临淄区人民医院电话临沂市妇幼保健院治疗妇科怎么样



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