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山东省第四医院彩超检查好吗临沂市人民医院有微创手术吗济南利普刀手术价格 The cat in the hat can be merged with a verb phrase to create a new object, a sentence: The cat in the hat came back. And that sentence can be merged into bigger sentences: You think the cat in the hat came back. And so on.”the cat in the hat”再与动词短语结合就能组成句子” The cat in the hat came back”。短句继续结合组成长句” You think the cat in the hat came back”。以此类推。Why would this be of any use? No one else had Merge. Whom did Prometheus talk to? Nobody, at least not using Merge. (Humans may aly have been using cries and gestures, as many animals do.) But Merge-enabled, hierarchically structured language, according to Mr Chomsky, did not evolve for talking at all. Rather, it let Prometheus take simple concepts and combine them in sentence-like ways in his own head. The resulting complex thoughts gave him a survival advantage. If he then passed the mutant Merge gene on to several surviving children, who thrived and passed on the Merge gene to their children, Messrs Chomsky and Berwick believe that they must have then come to dominate the population of humans in Africa. Only later, as Merge came to work with the vocal and hearing organs, did human language emerge.这能有什么用呢?别人又没有“合并”。“普罗米修斯”与谁去谈话?没有人,至少不用“合并” 。(人类可能正如许多动物一般,一直使用叫喊还有手势。)但是根据乔姆斯基,合并型的、纵向结构的语言并不是为会话而进化。确切地说,这种语言使得“普罗米修斯”采取简单概念,并自己思考用句子的方式把它们结合起来。结果这些复杂思维给了他生存上的优势。如果他当时将这一突变的“合并”基因遗传给自己几位幸存的孩子,而他们继续繁衍并将“合并”基因传递给他们的小孩,乔姆斯基与贝里克认为想必他们那时已经主导了非洲人类。之后只有当“合并”与发音、听力器官相结合,人类语言才得以出现。 Many scholars find this to be somewhere between insufficient, improbable and preposterous. The emergence of a single mutation that gives such a big advantage is derided by biologists as a “hopeful monster” theory; most evolution is gradual, operating on many genes, not one. Some ability like Merge may exist, but this does not explain why some words may merge and others dont, much less why the worlds languages merge so differently. (Not a single non-English example appears in “Why Only Us”, nor a single foreign language in its index.)许多学者认为依靠具有“合并”大优势的单一突变体的这一语言进化理论是不充分、不恰当,而且荒谬的。同时这一观点也被生物学家讽刺为“有前途的怪诞”理论;就生物学上认为大多数进化是渐进型,需要很多基因共同作用,而不是单独一个。一些像“合并”的能力可能确实存在,但这不能解释为何一些词汇可能合并而其他不能,更不能解释为何这个世界的语言合并地如此不同。(《为什么我们是唯一的》书中所举的例子都是英语的,在索引里也没有一门外语)Mr Chomsky says those who disagree with his ever-more contentious ideas are either blind or hucksters. Critics refer to a “cult” of “acolytes” around a “Great Leader”, unwilling to challenge him or engage seriously with the work of non-Chomskyan scholars. (One critic has said “to be savaged by Chomsky is a badge of honour.”) Linguistics is now divided into a Chomskyan camp, a large number of critics and many more still for whom the founder of the modern discipline is simply irrelevant. He is unlikely to end up like Freud, a marginal figure in modern psychology whose lasting influence has been on the humanities. Mr Chomskys career is more likely to end up like Einsteins—at least in the sense that his best and most influential work came early on.乔姆斯基表示,那些不同意他曾更具争议的想法的人都是瞎子或是跳梁小丑。批评家们把这些解释为一群围着“伟大领导者”打转的信徒们对乔姆斯基的狂热崇拜,他们不愿意挑战他或从事非乔姆斯基学派的学术工作。(一位批评家曾说过“被乔姆斯基抨击也荣幸之至”。)语言学如今被划分成乔姆斯基阵营、大量的批评者以及还有更多是与现代语言体系建立者不相关人等。乔姆斯基本身是不可能像心理学家佛洛依德那样结束他的学术生涯——在现代心理学被边缘化,但却能一直对人性产生持续的影响。乔姆斯基最有可能像爱因斯坦那样—至少在狭义上,他在初期就开始推出最佳且最有影响力的学术著作。翻译:邓小雪 amp; 颜琪琳 校对:杨霭琳 译文属译生译世 /201604/435412历城区中医医院医生介绍

济南山大医院可以做人流吗历下区妇幼保健站妇产科怎样 London Fashion Week伦敦时装周Rags to riches朱门华裳British fashion is becoming more hard headed英国时尚产业跨入高端大气上档次时代The Delevingne effect卡拉·迪瓦伊的美女效应WITH its whirl of frocks, models and million-dollar deals London Fashion Week has always been rather a closeted affair, accessible to few. Amateur fashionistas have had to wait for glossy magazines and blogs to tell them what to wear next. But at the second of Londons biannual fairs, which ran from September 13th to 17th, that was starting to change. Around half the shows were live-streamed to the internet and TV channels with bulletins broadcast to commuters waiting at underground Tube stops. A free pop-up cinema screened fashion-themed films.按照以往的惯例,伦敦时装周是裙裾飞扬的大牌成衣、魅惑性感的T台模特和投资上百万美元共同打造出的一场仅为极少数土豪奉上的时尚盛宴,而至于那些不入流的时尚人士则只能从铜版纸装订的时尚杂志和时尚达人的客中得知下一季的流行趋势。但是从9月13日至17日的这场时装周作为伦敦今年举行的两场中的第二场,则开始有了些许的变化。约有半数的秀场通过网络和电台进行直播,那些想和土豪做朋友的小伙伴们甚至可以在地铁站候车点的公告牌前、影院观影前荧幕弹出的时尚主题短片中观看走秀。This push to bring Fashion Week to a wider audience is likely to pay off. Though unaffordable to most shoppers, high fashion is the beating heart of high-street retail. More wearable versions of the transparent outfits that entertained audiences in London this month will soon appear in shops up and down the country. In the week following last Septembers shows, online fashion sales were up 45%, according to Ve Interactive, an e-commerce firm. Caroline Rush, chief executive of the British Fashion Council (BFC), which organises Fashion Week, expects that the digital buzz surrounding the event will push buyers orders well beyond £100m (0m).该做法的确为时装周吸引了大批消费受众群体,尽管对多数消费者来说要买的起这些时装至少要卖个肾,但这些高端时尚却是那些他们可以消费得起的高街品牌(如ZARA、BERSHKA或MANGO)的设计源动力。至于在本月秀场上的一系列令台下观众喜大普奔的透视时装将陆续出现在英国小伙伴们生活当中。据电子商务公司龙头企业——Ve Interactive的数据显示,九月时装周后一周的时间内,在线时装交易额同比上涨了45%。负责时装周运行的英国时装理事会(British Fashion Council)首席执行官卡洛琳·拉什(Caroline Rush)推测数字化的环境将推动超过一亿英镑(折合一亿六千万美元)的订单交易生成。The changes seen at the shows are part of a wider effort to bring a businesslike approach to British fashion. London has long been feted as a breeding ground for brilliant designers. Many of them, including John Galliano and Alexander McQueen, trained at Central St Martins, a college known for turning out skilful originals. But a tendency to focus on art over business has meant that too many designers have failed to make the most of their critical acclaim. London Fashion Week has long been seen as the tiddler of the “big four” global shows, overshadowed by the spectacles in Milan, New York and Paris.时装秀观看模式的改变是英国时尚产业商业化的一场巨大变革。伦敦向来被誉为是盛产高富帅设计师之地,知名设计师包括John Galliano和Alexander McQueen等,他们均毕业于培养高技术水平设计师的英国圣马丁艺术学院(Central St Martins),但这种艺术形式商业化使得多数设计师都无法正确处理好外界的褒奖,无法从中真正获益。事实上,伦敦时装周一直以来都处于全球四大时装周之末流,与米兰、纽约、巴黎三大巨头的时装盛宴相比,实在太过逊色。The BFC wants to change that. Since , when it appointed Ms Rush (its first full-time chief executive) the council has pushed to make young designers more market savvy and encourage greater investment in fashion. In January it appointed a new chairman, Natalie Massenet, the American creator of Net-a-Porter, an online fashion shop that last year saw sales of 368m, as its chairman. Ms Massenet has said she wants to stop ;business; being seen as a dirty word in fashion.英国时装理事会(BFC)为了改变这一处境,自年起任命拉什女士为首位全职首席执行官后,便极力让设计师新秀们敏锐捕捉市场需求并且鼓励他们多多投资时尚事业。而理事会今年一月上任的新任主席—娜塔莉·马斯奈(Natalie Massenet)是全球化奢侈品网上专卖店Net-a-Porter的创办者,该网站去年创下了368,000,000英镑的交易额。马斯奈女士表示受任为该理事会的主席是想改变“商业运作”在时尚圈的恶名。That may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Britains fashion business adds about £21 billion to GDP. Oxford Economics, a consultancy, reckons that a good chunk of this is retail. But from designing clothes to selling them, fashion employs more people than any other creative industry in Britain. The designer end of clothes making has done especially well, growing 20% a year over the past decade. An increasing number of British designers have set their sights on overseas markets, especially in Asia. Paul Smith, for example, plans to open 20 new stores in China in the next five years. Attracting foreign talent, meanwhile, may soon be made easier with the introduction of a “London visa” for talented designers.事实也没有像马斯奈女士所说的那样严重,实际上,英国时尚产业为其国民生产总值增收210亿英镑。作为提供经济顾问机构的牛津经济研究院(Oxford Economics)日前表示该项收入很大程度来源于蓬勃发展的装零售业。从装的设计到销售,整个过程相比于其他创造型产业为英国民众提供了更多就业岗位,最为出众的是装设计师行业,其以每十年20%的增幅不断上涨,越来越多的设计师小伙伴们将目光对准了海外市场,尤其是盛产“大妈”的亚洲。据知名时尚品牌Paul Smith计划,中国在未来五年将陆续迎接其20家专门店的开幕。与此同时,英国或为引进海外人才而对杰出设计师放宽申请“伦敦签”的政策。(伦敦签——有才的你,值得拥有~)The renaissance of British fashion has been given a boost by some new ambassadors. The “Middleton effect”—a bump in sales attributed to the Duchess of Cambridges fashion choices—has had a beneficial effect on British brands in America. A new crop of British models, among them Cara Delevingne, bestrides the international catwalk. Now Boris Johnson, the floppy-haired mayor of London, has joined the campaign. At a fashion shoot to promote British menswear this summer he could not remember who designed the suit he was wearing but his words were on message. “London is to the suit”, he said, “as Parma is to the Parmesan cheese”.英国时尚再卷狂潮,新来的几位大使功不可没。—剑桥公爵夫人(Duchess of Cambridge)的时尚穿衣品味带动了美国发展的英国本土品牌,这就是所谓的“米德尔顿效应”(亦可称“公爵夫人效应”);英国模特后起之秀中的佼佼者,卡拉·迪瓦伊(Cara Delevingne)也在世界T台上掀起浪潮;而现如今伦敦市长鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)顶着他那头标志性的蓬乱金发也加入到该行列中。在今年夏季召开的一场提升英国男士装知名度的时装发布会上,这位不知道自己定制西装的设计者姓甚名谁的市长大人却讲出了“伦敦之于西装,恰如帕尔马至于帕马森干酪”。译者:尤熠 校对:徐珍 译文属译生译世 /201512/414510济南人流去哪家医院

济南女子官网I know I know,But it definitely might, they keep me grounded and stay humble,Its great,Yeah我知道 我知道 但是这确实会 他们让我不骄不躁 保持谦逊 这很好 是的Well thats hard to keep you humble because you are so great at everything但是要让你保持谦逊很难 因为你实在是太有才华了I dont know how anybody could even,cause I mean, if I were around you all the time我不知道会有人 我是说 如果我们俩经常在一起I will just be telling you how great you are,I would not be healthy for you我会对你赞不绝口 这可能对你的成长不利I will just constantly say god you are gorgeous我会一刻不停地对你说 你太棒了god you are great god you are talented god you are amazing,Thank you 你太伟大了 你太有才了 你太不可思议了 谢谢Thats Ill do all day, you cant concern yourself with,people always do that我会整天在你耳边唠叨这些 你不能有这种思想 大家会一直夸你Because then you just start believing that stuff否则你就可能会飘到天山去了I need people to say that was you shouldnt do that or that wasnt good,Right我希望大家对我说的话是 你不应该这样做 这是不对的 没错Or tell me when I perform you know you have to work on this like或者告诉我表演的时候应该在这方面下功夫I need that in my life,Because if I just have people saying that Im just so good at everything then itll just我的生活需要这种警示 因为如果我身边的人 整天对我说 你太有才了Yeah you need people to challenge you and I have a feeling you challenge yourself是的 你需要有人鞭策 我感觉你在挑战自己But we have to take a break, well talk more about you and your and Ill tell you things you do wrong但是我们要休息一下 回来之后 我们要深入探讨一下你的 我会指出你的错误Well be back我们马上回来 /201606/451022 Top Gear疯狂汽车秀High-octane antics高辛烷值的滑稽Motormouth Jeremy Clarkson is suspended from the Bs hit show快嘴快舌的杰里米·克拉克森被B热门节目停职WHEN Jeremy Clarkson suggests switching off the VSC on a Toyota GT86 sports car to do better doughnuts around the “Top Gear” test track at Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey, his audience is more than likely to know what he is talking about. That audience is huge: “Top Gear” is the worlds most widely watched factual television programme, with more than 350m viewers in 214 countries. That presents B Worldwide, the commercial arm of the B, with a problem, because on March 10th the broadcaster suspended Mr Clarkson for being involved in what it called a “fracas” with one of the shows producers. The next episode will not be broadcast and another two may be dropped.当杰里米·克拉克森在萨里的敦斯福德机场建议将丰田86跑车的车辆稳定性控制系统(VSC)关闭,好让跑车在“疯狂汽车秀”的测试跑道上更好地回旋时,他的观众很可能不知道他到底在说些什么。这个节目观众数量庞大:“疯狂汽车秀”是全球受关注最广的真人电视节目,在214个国家拥有约3亿5千万名观众。这给B的一个部门B Worldwide(英国广播公司商业公司)带来了麻烦,因为在3月10号,该广播公司辞退了克拉克森,原因是他与该节目的一名制片人发生了所谓的“争吵”。下一集将不会播出,余下两集也可能被砍掉。Mr Clarksons satnav seems to steer him towards controversy. In May last year he said he had been given a final warning by the B after it was claimed that he had said “nigger” while reciting a rhyme during the filming of an earlier series. In October 2014 the Top Gear crew had to flee from Argentina after being attacked by angry crowds during a road trip because the registration of a Porsche they were using appeared to refer to the date of the Falklands war. The B says it is investigating the latest incident, which, according to some reports, involved Mr Clarkson throwing a punch in a row over a lack of food on an assignment.克拉克森的导播可能将他推上了争论的风口浪尖。去年五月,他说B声称他在之前的录制过程中背诵诗时提到了“黑鬼”这个词,给了他终极警告。2014年10月,疯狂汽车秀中使用的一辆保时捷牌号与马岛战争日期一样,因此在自驾路上受到了愤怒民众的攻击,工作人员被迫逃离阿根廷。B表示正在调查最近的事故,据某些报道,与克拉克森在某次任务中因缺乏食物而出拳斗殴有关。“Top Gear” earns a good deal of money for B Worldwide and for its star. The commercial rights to the series used to be controlled by a company called Bedder 6, a joint venture with B Worldwide, and 30% owned by Mr Clarkson and 20% by Andy Wilman, an executive producer. The dividends from that company alone made Mr Clarkson a multimillionaire. In 2012 the pair sold their shares to B Worldwide. Mr Clarkson is said to have received £8.4m (.6m) for his stake.“疯狂汽车秀”帮B Worldwide和明星大赚了一笔。该节目的商事权利曾由一家名为Bedder 6的企业管理,该公司是B Worldwide的合资企业,克拉克森拥有30%的股权,一名执行制片人安迪·威尔曼拥有20%的股权。仅该公司的分红就让克拉克森成为了千万富翁。2012年,这对合伙人将股份卖给了B Worldwide。据说克拉克森将自己的所有权卖到了840万英镑(1260万美元)。Mr Clarkson and the shows co-presenters, James May and Richard Hammond, are believed to have been negotiating new contracts with the B. The politically correct and those who have found themselves the butt of Mr Clarksons jokes—greens, truck drivers and Mexicans are among those on a long list—would be happy to see him go. Some think Danny Cohen, the Bs director of television, shares their feelings: he hinted last year that he did not see the presenter as “untouchable”.据说克拉克森和该节目的合作主持人詹姆斯·梅、理查德·哈蒙德一直在与B就新合同事宜进行协商。政治倾向正确的人和克拉克森取笑的对象——绿党、货车司机和墨西哥人在这份长名单之列,他们将乐见克拉克森的离开。有一些人认为B的电视导演丹尼·科恩和他们有同感:去年克拉克森曾暗示他认为导演并非是“无法企及的”。The B has a strong incentive to overlook Mr Clarksons transgressions. But it is a bureaucratic machine that must try to please everybody, because everybody pays for it. So it could be that commercial rivals such as ITV and Sky will be taking out their chequebooks to sign Mr Clarkson to present a rival series. They would not be able to use the “Top Gear” brand, but whatever the contracts say it is Mr Clarkson who is the real franchise of this show. An online petition in support of the presenter collected nearly 500,000 signatures in barely 24 hours. Mr Clarkson might be seen as an overbearing joker, but that is precisely what his fans like. And, petrolheads all, they know he is not afraid to call a new car rubbish if he thinks it is.B绝对有忽略克拉克森越矩行为的强烈动机。但它是一架官僚机器,必须取悦每一个人,因为每个人都向它付费用。所以像ITV和Sky这样的商业对手有可能将拿出票本签下克拉克森,开创一档竞争栏目。他们无法使用“疯狂汽车秀”的名字,但无论合同怎么说,克拉克森才是节目的真正卖点。持这位主持人的在线请愿在24小时内收集到了近500,000个签名。也许克拉克森给人的印象是一个自大的爱开玩笑的人,但他的粉丝所喜爱的正是他这一点。而且车迷们都知道如果克拉克森认为一辆新车是垃圾的话,口无遮拦的他毫不讳言。译者:王颖 校对:唐宇译文属译生译世 /201505/374750山东省立医院做无痛人流多少钱历下区人民医院咨询电话




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