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有声名著之歌剧魅影 Chapter5 相关名著:查泰莱夫人的情人简爱呼啸山庄有声名著之傲慢与偏见有声名著之儿子与情人有声名著之红与黑 Article/200809/48202

Almost everyone considers going on a diet sometime in his or her life. All, regardless of sex and age, have something in common - losing weight and losing it fast.Though their common aim may seem basically good, they probably do not realize that misguided dieting can do more harm than good to their health. Going on too strict a diet can destroy the balance of chemicals in the human body. This happens because when the body is suddenly given much less food than usual, it feels as though it is being attacked and tries hard to protect itself by saving energy. It does this by slowing down metabolism, the process by which the food we eat is converted into energy. As energy is supplied to the body at a slower and slower rate, dieters gradually become so weak that they can do nothing. They soon lose interest in everything going on about them, and their resistance to illness becomes so low that they are easily attacked by one illness after another.Most of those who diet know that foods like rice, b, potatoes, cakes, sweets, fruits and some vegetables contain carbohydrates, and so can make one fat. What they do not realize, however, is that carbohydrates are our bodies' main source of energy, and that these foods also contain components essential for the composition of substances that are needed to keep the body healthy. As a result, they try to avoid eating these foods, and consequently, they become weaker and less healthy. They begin to have difficulty sleeping properly and start to suffer from radical mood changes. In more serious cases, they even begin to show signs of mental illness.It is strange enough that most strict diets recommend artificial sweeteners to take the place of sugar and other natural sweeteners. In fact, such artificial sweeteners actually increase one's appetite and lead to one's eating even more than usual.Of course, the fact that misguided forms of dieting result in so many problems does not mean that no dieting is safe or all dieting is harmful to the health. Proper dieting can not only help a person lose ugly excess fat, but can also help him or her to keep it off and to lead a more active, happier and healthier life.You might ask just what a proper diet is. Well, simply expressed, a proper healthy diet is one that is well-balanced, or, in other words, one that includes enough but not too many of the kinds of foods that provide the body with the nutrients that it needs to function properly. The most important of these nutrients are the macronutrients: proteins, carbohydrates and fats. The body needs fairly large amounts of proteins and carbohydrates for building material and energy. Meat, fish, eggs, milk, cream, and nuts all contain proteins and foods like rice, b, potatoes, etc. Contain carbohydrates. The body needs fat to keep it from the cold and to provide a protective layer for the organs, but only in small quantities.Vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, are another group of essential nutrients, though the body does not need as great a quantity of these as it does the macronutrients - proteins, carbohydrates and fats.There are two types of vitamins, water-soluble vitamins and fat-soluble vitamins. Water-soluble vitamins like vitamin C and the B-group vitamins do not stay in the body long and so foods containing these vitamins need to be taken rather often. On the other hand, the fat-soluble vitamins, vitamins A, D, E and K stay in the body for long periods of time and so there is no need to take foods containing them so often.One way of getting enough nutrients while keeping one's weight down is to take substitutes for foods which contain too much fat. For example, instead of regular milk, one can take skimmed milk, which contains as many proteins and minerals as regular milk but has had the fat removed. In the same way, vegetable oil can be used for cooking instead of animal oil.几乎每一个人在他或她的一生中都有个时候考虑要节食。所有的人,不分性别和年龄,都有个共同之处--要减轻体重,而且要快速减肥。尽管他们共同的愿望令人觉得好像基本上是好的,但是他们也许并没意识到,用这些误导的节食方法,对他们的身体健康来说害大于利。过于严苛地节食会破坏人身体内生物化学结构的平衡。之所以会产生这种结果,是因为当人身体突然得到的食物比平时少了许多的时候,身体就会觉得好像受到了袭击,于是身体就用节约能源出的办法尽量设法来保护自己。我们的身体通过减慢新陈代谢速度的办法来保护自己,亦即减慢把我们所吃的食物转化成能量的过程。由于以越来越慢的速度给身体供应能源,这些节食的人的身体就逐渐变得非常虚弱,以致弱到什么事都不能做的程度。于是这些节食者很快就会对他们周围所发生的一切事情都失去了兴趣,结果他们的身体对疾病的抵抗能力就变得非常低,以致于他们很容易地就会受到一种又一种疾病的连续袭击。绝大多数节食者都知道,像大米、面包、土豆、蛋糕、糖果、各种水果和一些蔬菜等各类食品都含有碳水化合物(即淀粉),因而,都会使人发胖。可是,他们都没意识到碳水化合物是我们身体的主要的能源,他们都没意识到这些食品里都含有使我们的身体健康所需要的一些物质的基本成分。结果,他们尽量避免吃类食品,因而他们的身体就变得越来越虚弱、越来越不健康。他们开始有了不能适当睡眠的难题、开始产生了思想情绪上的一些根本变化。在一些较严重的病例中,病者甚至开始显露出有精神病的一些征兆。说来也真奇怪,那些最严格的节食的食谱推荐用人造的甜味剂来代替蔗糖和其他天然的甜食品。事实上,这类人造的甜味剂实质上增大了一个人的食欲,结果反而使人比平时吃得更多。当然,种种错误的节食方法导致了很多问题,但这些事实并不意味着没有任何一种节食的方法是安全的,也不意味着一切节食方法都对健康有害。恰如其分地节食不但能帮助一个人去掉难看的多余脂肪,而且能帮助一个人把节食的成果保持下去,能帮助一个人过上一种更加充满了青春活力的、更为愉快的、更为健康的生活。你很可能会问,到底什么样的节食食谱才是恰如其分的。噢,简单地讲,有益于健康的节食食谱,就是各种食物都能很好地均衡的食谱。换句话说,就是这种节食食谱中包括了足够的各种食品,但都不要吃得过多。这足够的食物足可以提供给我们的身体在适当地发挥其功能时所需要的各类营养物质。这些营养物质中最重要的就是人体所需的 大量的营养物质:各类蛋白质、碳水化合物、各类脂肪。人的身体需要有相当量的蛋白质和碳水化合物作为各器官的建筑材料和人活动的能源。肉、鱼、蛋、奶、奶油和各种坚果里面都含有蛋白质,像大米、面包、土豆之类的食品里都含有碳水化合物。人体为了御寒需要脂肪,脂肪能为各种器官提供保护层,但仅有少量的脂肪也就足够了。各种维他命(维生素)和铁、钙之类的矿物质是另一类的基本营养物质,尽管人体对这一类营养物质的需要量并不像对大量营养物质--各类蛋白质、碳水化合物、脂肪--的需要量的那么大。有两种维他命:水溶维他命和脂溶维他命,像维生素C和B族维生素这类水溶维他命不会在身体内停留很久,所以人体要经常吸收含有这些维他命的食物。另一方面,维他命A、D、E和K这类脂溶维他命却能在人体里停留很长一段时间,因而就没必要经常地去用含有脂溶性的食品。既要得到足够的营养又要减轻体重,办法之一就是用代和食品,去代替那些脂肪含量过高的食品。例如,不用全脂奶,而用脱脂奶,这种脱脂奶里含有和全脂奶同样多的蛋白质和矿物质,只不过是全脂奶中的脂肪已经被除掉了。同样,可以用植物油来代替动物油进行烹调。 Article/200802/27985

Friday was an important day for Harry and Ron.对哈利和罗恩来讲,这个星期五是个值得纪念的日子。They finally managed to find their way down to the Great Hall for breakfast without getting lost once.他们终于可以成功地找到去大厅吃早餐的路,而且一次都没有错!What have we got today? Harry asked Ron as he poured sugar on his porridge.今天咱们拿到了什么?罗恩往他的麦片粥里加糖时,哈利问。Double Potions with the Slytherins, said Ron. Snape#39;s Head of Slytherin House.两份史林德林学生作的药剂,罗恩说。史纳皮是史林德林队的头儿They say he always favors them ; we#39;ll be able to see if it#39;s true.他们说,他会喜欢这个;;我们很快就可以知道这是不是真的。Wish McGonagall favored us, said Harry.真希望麦康娜会帮助我们。哈利说。Professor McGonagall was head of Gryffindor House, but it hadn#39;t stopped her from giving them a huge pile of homework the day before.麦康娜是格林芬顿队的头儿,可是她前日还是给了他们一大堆作业。Just then, the mail arrived.这时候,邮件送到了。Harry had gotten used to this by now, but it had given him a bit of a shock on the first morning,哈利现在已经可以习惯了,但是第一天早上他真的吃了一惊。when about a hundred owls had suddenly streamed into the Great Hall during breakfast,那天吃早餐时,几乎一百只猫头鹰尖叫着飞进大厅。circling the tables until they saw their owners, and dropping letters and packages onto their laps.它们在每张桌子上方盘旋,直到它们看到它们的主人并把信件和包裹扔到主人们的膝盖上为止。Hedwig hadn#39;t brought Harry anything so far.海维到目前为止都还没给哈利梢过信件。She sometimes flew in to nibble his ear and have a bit of toast before going off to sleep in the owlery with the other school owls.她有时会飞过来啄一下哈利的耳朵,吃一片烤面包后,就和其它的校园猫头鹰一起飞回去睡觉。This morning, however, she fluttered down between the marmalade and the sugar bowl and dropped a note onto Harry#39;s plate.但是,今早她飞到了果酱瓶和糖碗之间,把一封信扔进哈利的盘子里。Harry tore it open at once.哈利马上就把它拆开了。It said, in a very untidy scrawl:信里的字写得可真糟糕Dear Harry,亲爱的哈利:I know you get Friday afternoons off, so would you like to come and have a cup of tea with me around three?我知道你这个星期五下午有假,所以我想请你三点钟的时候来这儿和我喝杯茶,如何?I want to hear all about your first week. Send us an answer back with Hedwig.我想听听你这一周来的生活情况。请让海维把答复带回给我。Hagrid.哈格力Harry borrowed Ron#39;s quill, scribbled Yes, please, see you later on the back of the note, and sent Hedwig off again.哈利问罗恩借了羽毛笔,在纸条的背面飞快地写上;太好了,到时见!;就让海维把信悄走了。It was lucky that Harry had tea with Hagrid to look forward to,对哈利而言,能和哈格力谈谈实在太好了。because the Potions lesson turned out to be the worst thing that had happened to him so far.因为到目前为止,药剂学已经成了哈利觉得最糟糕的课程了。

This desperate cry for help eventually arrived at the parson#39;s house in Emminster.Old Mr Clare was pleased.这封绝望的求助信最终到了爱敏斯特牧师的家中,老克莱尔先生很高兴。lsquo;I think this letter is from Angel#39;s wife.I hope this will bring him home more quickly.He did say he was planning to come home next month.rsquo;;我想这是安吉尔的妻子来的信。我希望这会让他更快地回家。他是说过,他计划下个月回家的。;lsquo;Dear boy,I hope he will get home safely,rsquo;murmured Mrs Clare.lsquo;I still feel he should have gone university like the other two.He should have had the same chance as them,Church or no Church.rsquo;;亲爱的孩子,我希望他能平安到家。;克莱尔夫人低声说道,;我仍然觉得他应该像其他两个那样去上大学,他应该和他们有同样的机会,不管是不是到教会工作。;This was the only complaint she ever made to her husband.He too was worried that he had been unfair to Angel.这是她有史以来唯一一次向她的丈夫发牢骚。他自己也为他没有公平地对待安吉尔感到忧虑。They blamed themselves for this unfortunate marriage.If Angel had studied at Cambridge he would never have become a farmer and married a country girl.他们为这桩不幸的婚姻责备自己。假如安吉尔在剑桥学习的话,他就永远不会成为一个农场主,也不会跟一个乡下姑娘结婚了。Still,his more recent letters showed that Angel was planning to come home to fetch her, so perhaps their quarrel,whatever it was, could be settled.不过,安吉尔最近一次的来信表明他仍打算回家带她一起去,所以他们的争吵,不管是为了什么,也许可以解决了。Angel himself was at this moment riding across Brazil towards the coast.He had never completely recovered from the serious illness he had had when he first arrived.安吉尔自己这个时候正骑马横穿巴西到海岸。他一到这儿就生了场大病,以后再也没有彻底恢复过来。He was not as strong as before,and looked much older.The country had been a disappointment to him.他已经不如以前那么健壮了,看起来也老了许多。这个国家让他失望了。Many farmers had come here from England hoping to make their fortune,and had died in the fields or on the roads.He knew now he could not farm here.许多从英国来的农场主,怀着发家致富的梦想到了这儿,却死在了地里或路上。他知道他无法在此经营农场了。His attitude to life had changed during this time. He began to look again at what was right and wrong.在这期间,他对生活的态度已发生了转变。他开始再度审视起是非曲直来。He began to see that a person should be judged not only on what he has done but also on what he wanted to do.他开始明白,评判一个人不仅仅要根据他做过什么,还要根据他想做什么。He began to think that he had perhaps been unfair to Tess,and he thought about her with growing affection.他开始想到自己过去对待苔丝也许是不公平的,他怀着与日俱增的爱恋,回想着她。He wondered why she had not written.He forgot that he had told her not to write first.他纳闷她为什么不给他写信。他忘了,他说过不要先来信的。He did not realize that she was obeying his orders exactly,although it was breaking her heart.他没有意识到她在完完全全地从他的命令,尽管这叫她伤心欲碎。On his journey,he travelled with another Englishman.They were both depressed and both told each other their problems.在行程中,他和另外一个英国人结伴而行。他们都很沮丧,彼此倾诉着自己的问题。The stranger was older and more experienced than Angel.He had a different,more open approach to life.He told Angel clearly that he was wrong in parting from Tess.这位陌生人比安吉尔年长,阅历也更丰富。他对生活的态度有自己不同的、更为豁达开朗的一套。他明确地对安吉尔说,他离开苔丝是错误的。The next day they got wet in a thunderstorm.The stranger fell ill and died a few days later.第二天,他们赶上一场雷阵雨,被浇湿了。这个陌生人病倒了,几天之后便死去了。Death came as no surprise in that unfriendly land.Clare buried him,and continued his journey.在那种环境恶劣的地方,死神的降临是不足为奇的。克莱尔将他安葬了,又继续自己的行程。The man#39;s words were somehow given greater importance by his unexpected death,and suddenly Clare felt ashamed.由于这出人意料的死亡,他的话不知怎地显示出了更大的重要性,克莱尔突然感到羞愧了,Tess had committed no crime. He should believe in her character,and not object to a past action she could not avoid.苔丝并没有犯罪。他应该相信她的品质,而不是对她无法避免的一段过去横加指责。He remembered the words of Izz Huett:She would have laid down her life for you.No woman could do more.他回想起了伊茨;休爱特说的话:她可以为你舍弃她的生命。没有任何一个女人能付出更多了。How she had looked at him on their wedding day;as if he were a god!在他们结婚的那天,她是带着怎样的眼神凝视着他呀;;仿佛他是一个神!And during that terrible evening by the fireside,when she told him her story,how desperately sad she had been to realize he might not love her any more.而在火炉边度过的那个可怕的夜晚,当她对他说了她的经历后,意识到他可能不再爱她时,她又是多么地伤心欲绝啊!Meanwhile Tess was not hopeful that Angel would come in answer to her letter.The past had not changed,so he might not change either.同时,苔丝对安吉尔会响应她的信而回来不抱什么希望了。过去并没有改变,所以也许他也没有改变。Nevertheless she spent her spare time preparing for his possible return,practising singing the songs he used to like,tears rolling down her cheeks all the while.然而,她还是利用空闲的时间,为他可能的返回作着准备,练习唱他过去爱听的歌,每到这个时候,眼泪就会从她的双颊潸潸滚落。One evening she was in the cottage as usual when there was a knock at the door.A tall thin girl came in and Tess recognized her young sister Liza-Lu.一天晚上,像往常一样,她正待在小屋里,这时响起了一阵敲门声。一个高高瘦瘦的女孩走了进来,苔丝认出,是她的丽莎-露。lsquo;Liza-Lu!rsquo;said Tess.lsquo;What#39;s the matter?rsquo;;丽莎-露!;苔丝说,;出什么事儿啦?;lsquo;Mother is very ill,rsquo;her sister said seriously,lsquo;and father is not well either and says a man of such noble family shouldn#39;t have to work.So we don#39;t know what to do.rsquo;;妈妈病得很重,;她的焦虑地说道,;爸爸的身体也不好,还说像这样一个高贵家族的人是不该工作的。所以我们不知道如何是好。;Tess thought for a moment.She realized she had to go home immediately,although her time was not yet up at the farm.苔丝想了一会儿。她意识到自己必须立即回家一趟,尽管她在农场的干活期未满。She left her sister to rest for a while,and she herself set off at once with her possessions in a basket.她让留下来休息一会儿,自己把行李装在一个篮子里,即刻启程了。Although it was night and she had a fifteen-mile walk, she felt quite safe.虽然是夜里了,她还有15英里的路要走,但她觉得十分安全。She was only worried about her mother, and did not notice the strange shapes of trees and hedges in the darkness.她只是担心她的母亲,根本注意不到黑暗中那些树木和篱笆怪异的影子。At three in the morning she passed the field where she had first seen Angel Clare,and felt again the disappointment when he did not dance with her.凌晨3点,她经过与安吉尔;克莱尔初次见面的田野,因他没有请她跳舞产生的失望又一次涌上心头。And when she saw the family cottage, it seemed to be part of her body and life,as it always did.她看到她们家的房子,它就像她身体和生活的一部分。它总是这样的。She found her mother recovering from her illness,and took over as head of the household.Her father did not seem ill,and had a new plan for earning money.她发现她母亲正从病中恢复,又接管了一家的事务,她的父亲则不像生病的样子,还制定了一个挣钱的新计划。lsquo;I#39;m going to find all the historians round here,rsquo;he said,lsquo;and get them to pay money to keep me going.;我打算找到周围地区的所有的历史学家,;他说道,;让他们出钱持我的生活。After all,they pay to look after old ruins,and I#39;m of historical interest.I think they#39;ll be pleased to do it!rsquo;毕竟,他们是要花钱照看那些历史古迹的,我也有历史价值,我认为他们会乐意这么做的!;Tess did not have time to answer.She nursed her mother,fed the children,and worked in the garden,planting vegetables for next year.苔丝没有工夫回答他的话。她要看护母亲,喂养孩子,还要在园子里干活儿,为来年种点儿蔬菜。She enjoyed working outside,among her neighbours.One evening when it was almost dark,she was digging happily in the vegetable garden,some distance from the cottage.她喜欢跟左邻右舍一起,在户外干活儿。一天傍晚,天将黑时,她在菜园子里欢快地掘着土。It was a clear,fresh night,with smoke blowing about from small fires in the gardens.Suddenly she saw a man#39;s face in the light of a fire.园子离家有些距离。这是一个明朗、清新的夜晚。园子里的小火堆升起了一团团的烟雾,突然,她在火光中看到了一张男人的脸,It was drsquo;Urberville!She gasped and stepped back,her face pale.是德伯!她惊得透不过气来,后退了几步,脸变得惨白。lsquo;What are you doing here?rsquo;;你在这儿干什么?;lsquo;My dear Tess,I just want to help you,to see you. Have you finished at that farm?rsquo;;我亲爱的苔丝,我只不过想要帮助你,看望你。你在那个农场的活儿结束了吗?;lsquo;Yes,I have.rsquo;;是的,结束了。;lsquo;Where are you going next?To join your dear husband?rsquo;;下一步你要去哪里?和你亲爱的丈夫团聚?;lsquo;Oh,I don#39;t know!rsquo;she said bitterly.lsquo;I have no husband!rsquo;;哦,我不知道!;她愤愤地说,;我没有丈夫!;lsquo;That is quite true in one way.But you have a true friend.When you go back to your cottage,you#39;ll see what I#39;ve done for you.rsquo;;从某种意义上说,这是相当正确的,但是你有一个真正的朋友。当你回到你的屋子时,你会看到我为你做的事情。;lsquo;Oh Alec,I wish you wouldn#39;t give me anything!I;I have enough,I;I just don#39;t want to live at all!rsquo;Her tears fell as she started digging again.When she looked round,drsquo;Urberville had left.;哦,亚历克,我真希望你什么都不要给我!我;;我已经有足够的了,我;;我根本就不想活了!;当她重新开始掘土时,已是泪流满面了。她环顾四周,德伯已经走了。On her way back one of her sisters rushed towards her shouting,lsquo;Tess!Tess!Mother is much better but father is dead!rsquo;在回家的路上,她的一个朝她飞奔而来,叫着:;苔丝!苔丝!妈妈好多了,可是爸爸死了!;lsquo;But father was only a little bit ill!rsquo;said Tess,trying to take in the news.;可是爸爸只有一点小小的病!;苔丝说道,极力领会这个消息的涵义。lsquo;He dropped down just now,and the doctor said there was no hope for him because it#39;s his heart!rsquo;;他刚才跌倒了。医生说因为他心脏的毛病,他没有救活的希望了!;Poor John Durbeyfield#39;s death had more importance than his family realized at first.The cottage was in his name.可怜的约翰;德北的去世所带来的影响比他的家人最先意识到的更为重大。这座房子是以他的名义使用的。On his death the farmer who owned it decided to put farm workers in it,and told the Durbeyfields to leave.因为他死了,农场主;;也就是房主人决定让农场工人们住到这里,叫德比一家都搬走。They were not much respected in the village because of John#39;s laziness.Tess also felt guilty that her presence might have influenced the farmer.因为约翰的懒惰,他们家在村子里不太受敬重。苔丝也感到很愧疚,也许她的存在影响了那个农场主。The village people clearly thought she was not a good example for their children.村子里的人们都明确地认为她不是弟们的好榜样。So on Lady Day the Durbeyfields had to leave their old home.于是在圣母领报日那天,德北一家不得不离开了他们的老房子。The night before they left,drsquo;Urberville came to visit Tess,to offer her and her family a little house on his land at Trantridge.离开的前一天晚上,德伯来看望苔丝,提出把在纯瑞脊他的土地上的一间房子给她和她的家人住。Her mother could look after the chickens,and he would pay for the children to go to school.Tess firmly rejected his offer.她的母亲可以为他养鸡,他则可以出钱供孩子们上学。苔丝严厉地拒绝了他的帮助。But when he had gone,for the first time a feeling of anger rose in her against her husband.可是当他离开之后,她内心第一次产生了对她丈夫愤怒的感觉。She had never intended to do wrong and he had punished her too hard!She passionately wrote these few words to him:她从来没有存心要做错事,他对她的惩罚太残酷了!她满怀地写了下面几句话:Oh why have you treated me so badly,Angel?I do not deserve it.You are cruel!I intend to forget you.You have been so unfair to me!啊,安吉尔,你为什么对我这么狠哪?这不是我应受的惩罚,你真是残酷!我要设法忘掉你。你对待我太不公平了!She ran out and posted it before she could change her mind.她跑出去,趁着她还没有改变心意赶忙寄了这封信。lsquo;I see there#39;s been a visitor,rsquo;said her mother,coming into the living room later.lsquo;Your husband, was it?rsquo;;我看有人来拜访过了,;她母亲随后来到了起居室,说道,;是你的丈夫,对吗?;lsquo;No,it wasn#39;t him.He#39;ll never,never come,rsquo;said Tess hopelessly.She had said it was not her husband,but she was feeling more and more that drsquo;Urberville was physically her husband.;不,不是他。他永远、永远也不会来的。;苔丝绝望地说道。她说了来者不是她的丈夫,可是她却越来越感到,德伯是她实质上的丈夫。Next day their possessions were put on a waggon and taken to Kingsbere.第二天,他们的家当被装上了一辆运货马车,带到王陴那儿。Mrs Durbeyfield had booked rooms there,as it was the family home of the drsquo;Urbervilles,and she still hoped some good would come of belonging to the ancient family.德北夫人在那儿订了房间,因为那儿是德伯家族的房产,并且由于归属于这个古老的家族,她仍然抱着从中能出现什么好事的希望。But as they approached Kingsbere after a long and tiring day#39;s journey,a man came to tell them there were no rooms available.可是经过一天漫长又疲惫的旅行之后,在临近王陴时,有个人来告诉他们这儿已经没有空余的房间了。Tess and her mother unloaded the waggon,and left the children and furniture near the churchyard wall,while they looked for somewhere to stay.But all the rooms were full.苔丝和她母亲从货车上卸下东酉,把孩子和家具留在教堂墓地围墙附近,她们自己则去寻找能住的地方。但是所有的房子都是满满的。Tess looked desperately at the pile of their possessions. In the cold sunlight of this spring evening the furniture looked old and the pots looked worn.苔丝绝望地看着这一堆家当。在这春天傍晚冷冷的日光下,家具看起来很破旧,而锅碗瓢盆都是破破烂烂的。lsquo;Tombs belong to families for ever,don#39;t they?rsquo;asked her mother brightly,having looked round the churchyard.lsquo;Well,that#39;s where we#39;ll stay,children,until the place of your ancestors finds us some shelter!rsquo;;坟墓永远属于家族所有,是不是?;在环顾了教堂墓地之后,她的母亲欢快地问道。;好了,孩子们,在你们祖先的地位给我们找到避难所之前,这就是我们要待的地方。;Tess helped her mother move the big bed against the church wall.苔丝帮助她母亲把那张大床移到靠着教堂墙壁的位置。Underground were the tombs of the drsquo;Urbervilles,and at the head of the bed was a beautiful old window,in which the symbols on the Durbeyfield seal and spoon could be seen.地下就是德伯家族的坟墓,床前有一个漂亮古老的窗格,里面可以见到德伯印章和银匙上的标记。为了保暖和舒适起见,The children were put to bed all together for warmth and comfort.孩子们统统上了床,挤在一起。lsquo;Tomorrow we#39;ll find somewhere better!rsquo;said Joan cheerfully.lsquo;But Tess,what#39;s the good of you playing at marrying gentlemen, if it leaves us like this!rsquo;;明天我们会找到一个更好的地方!;琼乐观地说道。;可是苔丝,你随随便便地嫁给绅士先生们得到了什么好处,如果我们落到这个地步的话!;Tess went inside the ancient church and stared sadly at the tombs of her ancestors.She thought she saw a movement and turned to look again at a stone figure lying on a tomb.苔丝走进了这座古老的教堂,忧伤地盯着她祖先们的坟墓。她觉得她看到了什么东西在动,掉过头去又看了一眼,坟墓上躺着一个僵硬的身子。When she saw it was Alec drsquo;Urberville lying there,she almost fainted.当她认出是亚历克;德伯躺在那儿时,她几乎要昏厥过去了。lsquo;I#39;m going to help you,rsquo;he said,jumping up and smiling at her.lsquo;You#39;ll see that I#39;m more useful than a real drsquo;Urberville.I#39;ll see your mother.;我打算帮助你,;他跳起来,笑着对她说道。;你会看到我比一个真正的德伯家的人更有用处。我要去见你的母亲。You#39;ll thank me for this!rsquo;As he brushed past her,she dropped her head on to the cold stone of the tomb.你会为此感激我的!;当他从她身边擦肩而过时,她对着坟墓冰冷的石块垂下了头。lsquo;Why am I on the wrong side of this stone?rsquo;she whispered.;我为什么不是在墓石的另一边?;她喃喃说道。Marian and Izz had seen Tess moving house with her family,and knew what a difficult position she was in.玛丽安和伊茨知道苔丝和她的家人搬家了,也了解她处在一个怎样的困境当中。They generously hoped she would one day be happy with Angel again,and were afraid for her,knowing that Alec drsquo;Urberville was constantly tempting her.她们宽厚地希望有一天她会重新和安吉尔幸福地生活在一起。她们也为她担心,因为她们知道那个亚历克;德伯在不断地诱惑她。They decided to write a letter to Angel Clare,to inform him of the dangerous situation his wife was in.This is what they wrote:她们决定给安吉尔;克莱尔写封信,通知他有关他妻子的危险处境。这是她们写的内容:Dear Sir,敬爱的先生:Watch out for your wife if you love her as much as she loves you.She is in danger from an enemy in the shape of a friend.如果您爱您的妻子也像她爱您那样深的话,请关心她吧。她正受到一个伪装成朋友的敌人的威胁。A woman#39;s strength cannot last for ever,and water,if it drops continually,will wear away a stone;yes,even a diamond.一个女人的力量是不能永无止境地持续下去的。如果不停地滴落,水都能穿石;;是的,即使是钻石也会被磨光的。From two well-wishers两个好心人 Article/201203/175372

As I got closer to it, I noticed it was a little rattle, the kind little babies had. It didn't look new, so it couldn't have been something my mom bought for her future grandchild. It looked old, used. And it looked exactly like the one the baby had been playing with. How did it get here?   I ran with the rattle to the living room, and showed everyone. They told me it was nothing, although I could see fear in my mother’s eyes again. That night we all went to sleep uneasy.   Somewhere around midnight, I awoke, a sound tingling in my ears. I sat up, trying my best to hear. It was a baby crying. I broke out in a cold sweat. My breathing quickened, and I felt my heart beating faster.   I got out of bed, and moved to my mother’s side of the house. I walked to the locked door, the sounds of the crying becoming louder. I tried the door, and to my surprise, it was unlocked. I opened it with a creak, and the crying stopped. The room was light blue, with three shelves containing toys, books, everything a baby needed. In the middle of the room, was a crib. I walked over to it, and took a peek. There was a blanket there, waiting for a child to sleepily hug it. I went back to bed, telling myself I had only imagined it. Article/200902/62065

Time to Call the Doctor "爱你"爱到毒死你!In today's world, we rely on computers as never before. They are used for everything from ordering a pizza to running hospitals and military defense systems. Banking and credit card information is stored and accessed by computers. So what happens when a computer gets infected with a virus? One effect is that people's access to their e-mail accounts is cut off. A more serious possible consequence is that billions of dollars could be lost. A virus is a computer program that copies itself onto other programs and infects them. Similar to an easily sp disease, a computer virus goes from computer to computer, either adding to or changing the tasks a program is designed to do. The first computer viruses were created in the mid '80s and had varying effects. Some caused files to be deleted, or made the letters on the screen appear to fall off. Others displayed a specific message once the computer was turned on. Viruses today are much more widesp and dangerous than ever before. Perhaps the most damaging to date has been the "I Love You" virus. "I Love You" appeared in May 2000 and has possibly been the most destructive virus in terms of monetary loss. The virus is released when an attachment to a fake e-mail message is opened. By changing the names of files on computers, "I Love You" makes them difficult to access. It also searches for important personal information, including passwords, which it sends to a Web site for others to see. It is estimated that more than 45 million people in 20 countries have had their computers infected by the "I Love You" virus. Some say the cost of repair and lost business has been more than US billion.If you own a computer, it is important to keep it in good health by installing an anti-virus program. If updated frequently, it will protect your e-mail access—not to mention your wallet. 在当今世界,我们前所未有地依赖电脑。从订购比萨饼到管理医院及军事防御系统,计算机的使用范围广及各个层面。业务及信用卡的资料都要靠计算机储存和取。假如计算机染上病毒会怎样呢?一个影响是电子邮件帐户的通路被切断,另一个更严重的后果则是数十亿的美元有可能丢失。 计算机病毒是一种计算机程序,它把自己的程序拷贝到其它程序上,从而传染病毒。和容易蔓延的疾病一样,电脑病毒由一个计算机传到另一个计算机,增加或改变原程序所执行的任务。 计算机病毒首先在80年代中期被创造出来,造成不同程度的影响。有些使文件被删除,或使屏幕上的字看起来往下掉。其它的则在电脑一开机就显示特定的信息。 今天的计算机病毒比以前蔓延的更广也更危险。到目前为止,最具破坏性的病毒也许就是“我爱你”病毒了。“我爱你”病毒于2000年5月首次出现,就金钱损失而言,它也许是毁坏性最强的病毒。 当假的电子邮件附件被打开时, 病毒就会被释放出来。通过更改计算机中的文件名,“我爱你”病毒使计算机难以读取文件。它也会搜寻密码这类重要的个人数据,将其传送到网站上让其他人看到。 据估计,在20个国家中有4500万人受到影响。他们的计算机遭到“我爱你”病毒的感染。有人说修理费及商业损失金额就已超过了一百亿美元。如果你有一台计算机,给它安装防毒程序,使其保持健康是很重要的。如果时常对防毒软件进行升级,它将保障你能收取电子邮件,更不用说你的钱包了。 Article/200803/28355

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